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[17:35:38] <skeet70> If I have a Verticle that takes in a parameter and needs to do some DB work before responding with the result of a call to another Verticle, what is the preferred pattern in Vertx? Right now I'm doing a send and trying to return the result (a CompletableFuture<JsonArray>). I've tried a few other things along the way, but it feels like I'm fighting against the framework.

[17:38:45] <temporal_> you want to turn 2 results into a combined result ?

[17:40:12] <skeet70> Yeah, essentially. I'm not sure if I'm calling/getting the second result correctly with send though.

[20:02:53] <edcaceres> Hi, is there any plan to add support for clojure? (Vertx 3)

[21:05:40] <temporal_> edcaceres there are no plans however we I would love and fully support this :-)

[21:05:48] <temporal_> (meaning that if I had time I would do it myself but I can't)

[21:07:58] <edcaceres> :( would be great

[21:48:50] <temporal_> skeet70 it is a concern that arise often , I'm working to see if we can find a simple solution to this

[22:01:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [22:19:25] <skeet70> @temporalfox, fyi I'm wrapping everything in CompletableFutures all over the place and using combine to do something with both return values. It certainly gets more awkward with more than two futures. [22:19:55] <temporalfox> skeet70 in this case it would use io.vertx.core.Future so it is polyglot [22:20:16] <temporalfox> and it would allow to transform a io.vertx.core.Future as an Handler<AsyncResult» [22:20:29] <temporalfox> so one can create a Future and pass its handler to a callback [22:20:48] <temporalfox> then take a couple of Future and combine them into a new Future [22:21:01] <temporalfox> then this future can be set an handler to be notified of the result [22:21:08] <temporalfox> more or less like [22:21:23] <temporalfox> Future<String> f1 = Future.future(); [22:21:24] <temporalfox> Future<String> f2 = Future.future(); [22:21:35] <temporalfox> asyncMethod1(f1.handler()); [22:21:41] <temporalfox> asyncMethod2(f2.handler()); [22:22:08] <temporalfox> CompositeFuture composite = Future.and(f1, f2); [22:22:26] <temporalfox> composite.setHandler(result → … ); [22:23:18] <skeet70> CompositeFuture f1 = foo() [22:24:07] <skeet70> f1.thenCombine(f2, this::functionThatCaresAboutBoth) [22:24:27] <temporalfox> or maybe simpler [22:24:48] <temporalfox> CompositeFuture future = CompositeFuture.and(2); [22:25:00] <temporalfox> then do future.get(0) returns a Future [22:25:37] <jtruelove_> just my 2 cents, i do things like this in vertx-util with a promises impl i put together [22:25:53] <temporalfox> can you show me ? [22:25:59] <skeet70> We're already kinda outside of normal vertx flows it seems, since 1) we didn't find those flows very well defined/disagreed with them in several places, and 2) because of that we're operating several levels of abstraction away from core vertx stuff, which generally makes things nicer for us. [22:26:48] <skeet70> In this instance though it definitely complicated things a bit. [22:26:50] <skeet70> :D [23:38:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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