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[14:40:42] <ajin> Hi, I'm using vertx-web and vertx-auth-mongo. When a user call my auth API with username and password, I use MongoAuth to authorize the credentials. Now on success, I want to assign a new sessionId for the user for obvious security reasons. But I couldn't find out how to change the session Id to a new value.

[15:16:49] <ajin> I figured this out, I should have used AuthHandler. But now the problem is how to do a signup

[15:21:11] <ajin> Got it

[15:21:47] <ajin> It is not there in the AuthProvider interface but in MongoAuth we have insertUser

[20:12:43] <qsys> if I have a vector of maps (each only 1 key-value) [{:a “val1”} {:b “val2”} {:c “val3”} {:a 7}] and I want to merge/reduce the maps 'into' {:a (“val1” 7) :b “val2” :c “val3”}… obviously, into doesn't work (duplicate :a key)…

[20:17:58] <qsys> ,(def v [{:a “v1”} {:b “v2”} {:a 7}])

[20:19:22] <qsys> sorry, wrong channel :p