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[02:09:33] <ajin> I'm developing a web app with vert.x 3. My app as of now look like one server verticle which define a route and start http service. And there are some 10-15 handlers which are attached to different APIs in the route. And the handlers process the requests, get data from mongo-db and basically do the stuff asked by the request. Things are working fine as of now, but is this the right way to do this?

[02:11:40] <ajin> I mean in a spring mvc based project we'll go for a three layered approach and we know that each request will be handled by a different thread and stuff. But what are such best practices for vert.x? In my case my entire web app looks like a single verticle and all the code mixed into a single layer.

[02:12:56] <ajin> Should I some how handle different APIs in different verticles? If yes how?

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[23:06:33] <theRealGent> is there a way to send an event bus message to all subscribers of an address except itself?