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[07:54:21] <DH__> :q

[11:22:43] * chaos_ hello everyone

[11:46:49] <chaos_> Share Data's lock, how to use? I tried, It didn't work

[11:47:26] <chaos_> Does it depend something else,such as zk to use the lock?

[11:54:10] <chaos_> I wrote two main class to get the same lock to print 'hello world', the lock didn't block, just printed 'hello world' seprated

[12:23:59] <BadApe> so it seems that json coming from postgres is really a string in the result set

[12:24:30] <BadApe> meaning i will have to decode it

[12:32:02] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[15:11:59] <mweb> Hi there, is it true that a script allways have to return “something” when using RedisClient.evalsha?

[15:13:53] <mweb> if I don't return a value, the handler is never called

[16:35:03] <BadApe> i am trying out using the JDBC Auth Provider, i was wondering that the table schema might be around to look at

[17:09:55] <BadApe> oh well i figured it out!

[17:37:58] <Guest82103> when does release 3.2.1 come out?

[17:41:12] <BadApe> no idea

[17:42:12] <BadApe> ok, so i am wondering, the jdbc auth lib, is based on some sor of standard way of maintaining users?

[17:43:17] <BadApe> Guest82103, is there a bug you are waiting to be fixed?

[17:44:10] <Guest82103> yes

[17:48:06] <BadApe> care to share?

[18:17:16] <temporalfox> we are going to start 3.2.1 this week

[18:17:24] <temporalfox> now we're doing the final checks

[18:17:32] <temporalfox> and it should be out next week I think

[18:25:04] <BadApe> temporalfox, i am excited, but i think that guy left already

[18:25:50] <temporalfox> ah I decided to filter disconnect notifications in my client, so I haven't noticed

[18:29:54] <BadApe> am i right in thinking that i would need to run queries manually to get a list of a user who just authenticed users and permissions?

[20:49:32] <amr> bit of a punt

[20:49:51] <amr> im making ~400 http calls using vertx2's httpclient

[20:50:10] <amr> each one takes between 0.5 and 1m to reply

[20:50:20] <amr> some of them never get a reply, but never fail

[20:50:29] <amr> (2 of them, not all)

[20:50:35] <amr> max conns is set to 100

[20:50:38] <amr> all on same server & port

[20:51:03] <amr> cannot figure it out at all… added an exceptionHandler on the client and on the httpclientres

[20:51:30] <amr> i cant get it to repro locally, so im prepared to chalk it up to the server behaving poorly under load and dropping some stuff

[20:51:39] <amr> but i cant figure out how to detect thats happened w/ vertx

[20:51:41] <amr> any pointers?

[20:51:55] <amr> i cant even see it hitting the server its requesting

[20:52:05] <amr> (in the other server's logs)

[20:52:09] <amr> (also on the same box)