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[10:13:37] <pmlopes> @BadApe you can store it how you like, either just in memory and link it to the socket id or use a database, however you should have a way to clean up once a socket is closed

[10:19:10] <BadApe> pmlopes, thanks makes a lot of sense

[10:19:14] <BadApe> morning :)

[10:23:18] <BadApe> maybe i can't find it, but i can't find much in the docs about how to use something like Handler<AsyncResult<JsonObject»

[10:33:49] <pmlopes> @BadApe what do you mean?

[10:38:27] <BadApe> pmlopes, you know what, it is that as usual i don't know the right question to ask, what i want to do is call authenticate(JsonObject account, Handler<JsonArray> done) but i would like to be able to check if it was a success or fail rather than me setting something in the JsonArray

[10:38:40] <BadApe> i've seen it done but i think i didn't understand exactly what AsyncResult was

[10:39:30] <pmlopes> you can use the helper Future.successResult() Future.failureResult() to return an asyncresult object

[10:39:37] <pmlopes> if that's what you're asking

[10:39:37] <rbt> <clement> AsyncResult is a structure that let you know if the (asynchronous) operation was successful or not. In the first case, you can retrieve the [unknown:ldquo]result[unknown:rdquo] using the `result()` method

[10:40:20] <rbt> <clement> and yes, as said by pmlopes, you create AsyncResult using Future.successResult and Fugure.failureResult

[10:41:39] <BadApe> ok i think i understand

[10:44:17] <BadApe> so as simple as Future.succeededFuture(reply); where reply is the jsonarray i want to send back

[10:44:42] <rbt> <clement> yes, this would create a [unknown:ldquo]successfulled[unknown:rdquo] async result

[10:45:00] <rbt> <clement> with ar.result() ⇒ reply

[10:59:37] <BadApe> thanks pmlopes rbt ! that was so much easier than i expected

[11:00:42] <BadApe> it is very easy to be productive with vertx

[11:20:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [12:08:54] <BadApe> can a query return back structured data? [13:36:27] <rbt> <clement> badape: what kind of query ? JDBC ? [13:36:39] <rbt> <clement> badape: if so it will return a json object [13:37:31] <BadApe> what i meant was {user:abc,[{row: values}, ..] [13:37:57] <BadApe> i've written some ugly methods that give structure before [15:21:53] <Sticky> has there been any consideration of allowing CodecManager.lookupCodec match on interfaces/super types? [16:35:25] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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[20:53:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [20:56:27] <Abaw7> Morning [21:04:38] <AlexLehm> Abaw7: depends on the timezone [21:05:06] <Abaw7> True, true [21:05:43] <AlexLehm> anyway, Hi [21:06:08] <Abaw7> Hey, any idea why when I make a POST in a HTTPClient, it fails to return anything (Doesn't even get into the handlers) Where as, if I run the same POST on it returns everything needed? [21:24:21] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[21:56:43] <AlexLehm> Abaw7: is the request being sent to the server? it might be an issue with the length of the POST data maybe

[21:58:13] <AlexLehm> or it is missing request.end call?

[22:16:19] <Abaw7> The end call is there, and the length is 43. I am setting the Content-Length Header to the length of the JsonObject (Dynamically generated: Params.encode().length())

[22:39:14] <AlexLehm> hm, might be good to take a look at the request with wireshark if it is correctly formatted

[22:39:16] <AlexLehm> or the reply

[23:30:10] <Abaw7> Ok, wireshark hates me. Installed it, rebooted, logged in, couldn't do anything. It acted like I was constantly moving mouse to the left/holding down the left arrow key. I'm gonna try fiddler

[23:45:31] <Abaw7> Which, just so naturally does not work with Java -.-

[23:51:48] <AlexLehm> are you using vertx for the httpclient to an external http server? that should work with Wireshark

[23:54:52] <Abaw7> I am, but the problem with wireshark is that when I installed it, it just screwed everything up on my computer. It behaved as if Keys were random;y being held down. My mouse was acting like it was always being pulled tot he left. It was weird and difficult to remove wireshark.

[23:58:47] <AlexLehm> strange, the last version i got from worked rather well (2.01)

[23:59:04] <AlexLehm> if you can share the code as a gist, maybe i can take a look

[23:59:50] <Abaw7>

[23:59:56] <Abaw7> There's the snippet