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[00:19:41] <amr> is it unreasonable to use auth jwt and auth mongo?

[00:20:10] <amr> jwt seems to handle the genrated & lifecycle of tokens, mongo can handle the actual registration and user stuff

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[09:48:01] <BadApe> rather than passing vertx down to child objects, can i simply get it using Vertx vertx = Vertx.vertx(); or will that cause a second instance to be created?

[09:56:12] <rbt> <clement> BadApe: it[unknown:rsquo]s going to create an object everytime, don[unknown:rsquo]t do it

[09:58:46] <BadApe> i thought as much :)

[10:00:23] <temporalfox> BadApe you could try to use Vertx.currentContext().owner() if you are on a vertx thread

[10:01:41] <BadApe> thanks, i will try that

[16:47:07] <BadApe> i am trying to use a inet postgresql type in a sql prepared statement, i tried ?::inet and a string, casting the string to InetAddress, but it seems i can't add an InetAdress to a JsonArray

[19:05:37] <pmlopes> @BadApe not all types are supported by json for custom types such inet we need to write converters to/from json

[19:07:20] <pmlopes> the tricky part is that if that type is only defined on the postgresql driver then we cannot add it directly since it would make a hard dependency on the driver

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