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[08:14:37] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [09:38:19] <BadApe> seems that the inet type can be used with the so i guess don't need to a depend on the postgres jdbc driver [14:42:16] <mweb> Hi there, I'm having a hard time with deploying verticles. In our vert.x 2x code we worked with the mod zips. When I now try to deploy a verticle with vert.x v3.2.0 using vertx.deployVerticle(“li.chee.vertx~redisques~1.0.18-SNAPSHOT”); I get ClassNotFound errors [14:43:02] <rbt> <pmlopes> @mweb in 3.x the deployVerticle takes a fqcn as a string, not a gav [14:43:26] <rbt> <pmlopes> so you should specify the class you want to deploy for example “com.mycompany.MyVerticle” [14:43:51] <mweb> ok, and the version you get from the maven dependency? [14:43:57] <rbt> <pmlopes> yes [14:44:22] <mweb> can I still use the mod-zip maven dependencies? [14:45:27] <rbt> <pmlopes> humm i a way i think so, since the zip was build from some jars with your code, if you extract those jars and add them to the classpath the code should be available to load with deployVerticle() [14:46:13] <mweb> what would be the “default” way to deploy verticles from maven dependency? [14:48:10] <mweb> I tried to use the fqcn but got the same error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: li.chee.vertx.redisques.RedisQues [15:25:58] <rbt> <pmlopes> can you refer to that class from your IDE? it needs to be on the classpath [15:33:01] <mweb> @rbt it's working now. A dependency was missing in the pom.xml [15:36:08] <BadApe> i was wondering, is there a way to broadcast a message to all connected NetSocket clients? other than to do it manually [15:38:29] <rbt> <pmlopes> not out of the box since that would imply that you have knowledge about the protocol traveling on the socket [15:38:55] <BadApe> NetServer doesn't seem to have a list of Sockets, i guess i could create a List of socketId and send a message to them all [15:39:21] <rbt> <clement> depends on you use case, but the event bus TCP bridge may be interesting for you [15:39:28] <rbt> <pmlopes> yes that would do, but as i said you need to implement it yourself [17:20:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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[22:50:23] <amr> anyone here using authentication w/ websockets?

[22:50:30] <amr> i see you can ask the socket for the user