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[00:01:05] <edcaceres> hi, it is posible to generate EBProxy service-proxy from gradle?

[00:15:44] <edcaceres> hi, is it possible to generate EBProxy service-proxy from gradle?

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[08:15:42] <rbt> <clement> edcaceres: Yes, no problem, just add the annotation processor in the compile classpath

[11:48:36] <mweb> good morning. I try to replace the RouterMatcher.allWithRegEx (vert.x 2x) method with the new Router.routeWithRegex (vert.x 3x) method. However, it's not working as expected. In the RouteImpl class I see that whenever a request with no method was made, the matches method returns false

[11:49:13] <mweb> I would expect that all methods are used when I use Router.routeWithRegex

[17:02:19] <BadApe> with a Handler<AsyncResult<JsonObject┬╗ hndlr method, do i always have to return something, can i just let it end?

[17:03:00] <rbt> <pmlopes> @BadApe if you can call the handler then the caller will never know the execution has terminated

[17:04:30] <BadApe> if i wanted an async call to simply just do something and the caller doesn't care?

[17:15:04] <rbt> <pmlopes> then you don't need the HandlerAsyncResult at all

[17:15:14] <rbt> <pmlopes> it is a plain java method call

[17:17:36] <BadApe> ah, i thought the Async allowed a long running method call to be broken up

[23:15:20] <user> hi