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[02:48:41] <soyoungkr> hi

[08:21:31] <jtruelove_> is the jgroup support meant to replace hazelcast for event bus clustering support? or just be another option?

[08:22:46] <jtruelove_> based on the docs looks like it isn't

[08:33:21] <rbt> <clement> jtruelove_: it[unknown:rsquo]s just another implementation of the cluster manager. HZ does not fit all contexts

[08:33:47] <rbt> <clement> jtruelove_: there is another cluster manager implementation that may be introduced in the stack in 3.3, it[unknown:rsquo]s the ignite one

[09:09:31] <jtruelove_> cool so the jgroup stuff could be used for the distributed event bus as well

[09:33:28] <rbt> <clement> jtruelove_ yes

[23:08:20] <Lecherito> Does statichandler accepts a root path like /home/lecherito/assets or relative to the jar path?

[23:14:16] <Lecherito> Oh, watching the code it does not :(