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[03:31:09] <saltuk> is there anyone ? i have question

[03:37:30] <jtruelove_> what's your question, not sure I can help but worth asking

[03:39:40] <saltuk> vertx is one threaded right ? .. so .. if i have one database connection for single application ( create connection before listening) .. will it cause a performance issue ?

[05:37:23] <jtruelove_> not technically, if you you start it up with only 1 instance then you'd have 1 event loop

[05:37:38] <jtruelove_> for the verticle you started

[05:38:07] <jtruelove_> but say you have 16 cores you probably would want to start 16 instances of your verticle, one event loop per core

[05:39:07] <jtruelove_> now when it comes to your DB connection pooling that is different, the JDBC interface is wrapped and all callback based (I haven't used it myself) but in standard JDBC fashion you can set you connection pool size

[05:40:53] <jtruelove_> so you could have each verticle have it's own jdbc DB session or share one between them all (probably what you want), take a look here

[05:41:05] <jtruelove_> you'll notice a max_pool size option in that manual

[05:41:26] <jtruelove_> that is what gates how active simultaneous connections you can have to the DB

[05:47:39] <jtruelove_> saltuk ^ hope this helps

[05:50:09] <saltuk> thank you very much for info

[20:29:42] <Lecherito> Is it possible to get the patch which the router was registered to when handling a request?

[20:30:09] <Lecherito> Like getting /users/:id when the actual request is /users/1

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