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[11:52:57] <Lecherito> is it possible to know before hand the router that the url is going to use if I have a default router to check for auth?

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[13:00:20] <dns_> Hi there! Could you please explain me (RTFM is appreciated) what is under the hood of IntellijIDEA REST client (or any browser) Get method via httpS protocol.

[13:00:28] <dns_> I have some link “”.

[13:00:33] <dns_> When I open this link in REST client or browser I have JSON result. But I can not configure my vertx.createHttpClient to get the same outcome(.

[13:00:39] <dns_> I don't understand what should I set in JksOptions for get equialent request.

[13:00:47] <dns_> I set all headers to request from browser and use request(HttpMethod.GET, “/proxy/activity-service-1.2/json/activity_types”, Handler). “” is a defaultHost.

[13:00:54] <dns_> If I set default port to 443 I have this: “PM io.vertx.core.http.impl.HttpClientRequestImpl SEVERE: io.vertx.core.VertxException: Connection was closed”.

[15:48:02] <dns_> guys, when I receiwed answer from remote web service and handled it by bodyHandler, why length of this buffer can be less than count of symbols in this body?

[16:05:16] <AlexLehm> utf8 conversion?

[16:28:46] <AlexLehm> ah, he left already

[18:15:04] <Narigo> temporalfox, can you give me a heads up that I can merge this PR? Not sure how I can validate the Eclipse CLA and if there is something else I need to cover / check for?

[22:24:51] <amr> for vertx-mongo-client, im getting fields come back like $oid: <id>

[22:24:53] <amr> and $date: <date>

[22:24:59] <amr> is that mongo, or the vertx wrapper?

[22:49:04] <amr> ah, mongo extened json