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[02:46:47] <melvinross> so I know the event bus uses netty to send messages and bypasses hazelcast. What I'm not sure is what port it uses [02:47:15] <melvinross> i see the incoming port config for hazecast in the cluster.xml

[02:47:33] <melvinross> but does vertx reuse those ports for the netty connections between vertices? [02:52:03] <melvinross> looking at the code, it uses the cluster public port, then defaults to the actual port, which should be a random port

[02:52:43] <melvinross> but i've got a few verticles deployed on AWS, with only a few incoming ports open, but messages are still being passed [03:20:26] <melvinross> hmm what's most interesting is that sending messages to other vertices works, but local deliveries don't

[12:05:05] <gemmellr> temporalfox: ping

[12:07:03] <temporalfox> gemmellr I'm busy now, can we talk in a few minutes ?

[12:07:11] <gemmellr> temporalfox: sure

[12:28:02] <temporalfox> hi gemmellr we can talk now if you like

[12:28:31] <gemmellr> hi Julien

[12:29:15] <gemmellr> I was wondering what the process might be for me to get push rights on

[12:29:41] <temporalfox> I think we did elect you as commiter right ?

[12:30:04] <gemmellr> …mm, not that anyone told me :D

[12:30:14] <temporalfox> let me dig the archive :-)

[12:30:37] <gemmellr> I must admit I havent *tried* pushing directly..

[12:31:02] <temporalfox> so there is a thread about you :-)

[12:31:09] <temporalfox> but it has not been approved

[12:31:17] <temporalfox> so first we need to finish your election as commiter

[12:31:19] <temporalfox> :-)

[12:31:28] <temporalfox> need to see if there are enough votes

[12:31:30] <temporalfox> hold on

[12:31:34] <gemmellr> ok :)

[12:32:09] <temporalfox> you have 10 votes

[12:32:09] <temporalfox> +1

[12:32:23] <temporalfox> now need to see if that's a majotiry

[12:32:26] <temporalfox> but I think it is

[12:35:26] <temporalfox> so you have 10 / 18 votes

[12:35:29] <temporalfox> which is majotiry

[12:35:39] <temporalfox> please read that

[12:35:39] <temporalfox>

[12:35:50] <temporalfox> and more in the wiki

[12:36:00] <temporalfox> more precisely

[12:36:00] <temporalfox>

[12:36:09] <temporalfox> you should know about it

[12:36:12] <temporalfox> as vert.x commiter

[12:36:23] <gemmellr> k

[12:36:26] <temporalfox> if that's fine for you ?

[12:36:34] <temporalfox> then you are commiter :-)

[12:37:09] <temporalfox> can you subscribe to the vertx-dev list and vertx-commiters list if you haven't already ?

[12:37:58] <gemmellr> skimming it now, looks ok to me (I actually signed the CLA a while back, just because…)

[12:38:17] <temporalfox> ok

[12:38:23] <temporalfox> so you are officially new commiter

[12:38:24] <gemmellr> im subscribed to -dev, will do -commiters now

[12:38:28] <temporalfox> I will announce on the list

[12:38:35] <temporalfox> and give your rights on proton repo

[12:38:45] <temporalfox> can we talk about vertx-proton by the way

[12:38:45] <temporalfox> ?

[12:38:50] <gemmellr> great..quickest vote ever :)

[12:38:56] <temporalfox> actually longest

[12:38:57] <gemmellr> yep

[12:39:09] <temporalfox> Hiram started the vote for you 3 months ago :-)

[12:39:11] <gemmellr> differing perspectives ;)

[12:39:17] <gemmellr> oh…lol :)

[12:39:25] <temporalfox> november 19th

[12:39:37] <gemmellr> :D

[12:39:40] <temporalfox> I would like to know how far is vertx-proton from completion

[12:39:57] <temporalfox> basically at some point it should be usable by community and part of vertx stack

[12:41:14] <gemmellr> well, its usable now…some of the API could perhaps use tidying still (tweaking it now, hence the request for push as my last PR is still waiting)…

[12:41:44] <temporalfox> ok

[12:41:52] <temporalfox> I think we should try to make the API polyglot

[12:41:54] <temporalfox> I think it is not

[12:42:09] <temporalfox> I sent you the invitation

[12:42:11] <gemmellr> that would be correct, haven't investigated that at all yet

[12:42:19] <temporalfox> which version of vert.x is currently used ?

[12:42:40] <temporalfox> perhaps we can make soon a release based on vert.x 3.2.1 ?

[12:42:46] <temporalfox> as tech preview

[12:43:01] <gemmellr> its using 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT now, but only because I updated it 'to be current'…it was working agianst 3.2 earlier and i dont think anything should have changed there

[12:43:09] <temporalfox> after the polyglotisation

[12:43:18] <temporalfox> could you switch to 3.2.1 for the moment ?

[12:43:23] <gemmellr> can do yep

[12:43:57] <temporalfox> ok good, I will recontact with you later either on IRC or on vertx-dev to discuss polyglot

[12:43:59] <gemmellr> invitation accepted, will sub to the list now

[12:44:40] <temporalfox> can you post a mail on vertx-dev with the current status of vertx-proton so everyone can know the status

[12:44:41] <temporalfox> ?

[12:45:02] <gemmellr> will do

[12:45:09] <temporalfox> thank you

[12:45:10] <temporalfox> ttyl it's lunch time :-)

[12:45:19] <gemmellr> k cya :)

[12:45:58] <pplcf> is it a bad idea to have 5k different addresses on event bus? how big is overhead on each listener?

[12:46:46] <pplcf> with clustered vertx

[17:41:59] <melvinross> anyone have experience using the SockJS bridge on a clustered event bus?

[17:56:42] <melvinross> in particular, looking at the source, it looks like the registrations aren't propagated, so I'm assuming you need to reregister on every disconnect

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