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[07:23:00] <dns_> Hi there! Is it possible to use vertx as a engine of web site at this moment?

[07:24:01] <dns_> I'd like to use sockjs bridge for creating a realtime Single Page Application

[07:50:57] <dns_> I'd like to generate special string as an address wich sockjs on the client side have to use. Send this address as a cookie and create verticle with this in/out-bound properties for listening requests from a new sockjs session. Does this way have .. I don't know.. memory overhead or sth like that?

[07:51:44] <dns_> Is it possible to add in/out-bound rules for already runned verticle?

[08:16:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [11:01:15] <dns_> Hi everybody. Could you please answer on my questions is it possible)) [11:01:44] <dns_> asked a few hours ago :) [11:15:16] <BadApe> dns_, what is an engine for a website? [11:15:29] <BadApe> you want it to be a webserver? [11:16:07] <BadApe> sure it can do that [11:16:10] <dns_> I'd like to use vertx as a web server [11:16:19] <BadApe> if you read the docs then you would know [11:16:44] <BadApe> [11:17:17] <BadApe> personally i still use nginx infront [11:18:18] <dns_> Is it related with some vulnerabilities of vertx? [11:21:44] <BadApe> no [11:25:35] <dns_> Ok. Next question is about in/out-bound rules. [11:26:12] <dns_> Imagine that I create a new address when a new Bridge client is authorized on my site [11:26:36] <dns_> send this addr as a cookie [11:26:57] <dns_> and what.. deploy a new verticle for listening requests from this client? [11:27:34] <dns_> auth requests I plan to send via REST [11:28:07] <dns_> after receiving an answer browser can start a new sockjs session [11:28:36] <dns_> before this moment I have to prepare a listener on a server side. Right? [13:15:03] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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