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[12:10:44] <riaans> I know I will be flamed for this, but I'm not finding an answer anywhere else. I have to implement a tcp server using SSLv3 (I know it's deprecated, and shouldn't be used, but my client is still using that so I dont have a choice right now) Is it possible to do this using vert.x 3 ?

[12:14:12] <temporalfox> riaans we forbid it in Vert.x 3 because of poodle

[12:14:22] <temporalfox> so you really can't do it

[12:14:59] <temporalfox> so the only solution you have is to fork vertx and make your own version

[12:16:11] <purplefox> riaans: +1 we can't really support this in the main codebase otherwise people would accuse us of providing insecure software and we could get in a lot of trouble if a user's application got exploited because of this

[12:16:36] <purplefox> riaans: but it's a trivial code change to support this if you want to just do it yourself

[12:19:57] <riaans> Yeah I understand, ok tx will do that. It's a POC, so if I can show it working with my vert.x impl, then I can 'force' client to upgrade protocol .. :) Tx for the info!

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