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[15:54:28] <dns_> Hi there!

[15:55:05] <dns_> I trying to use example from

[15:56:12] <dns_> when my socket is created, I see “A socket was created”. But after websocket request for switching protocols, IDEA throws exception: PM io.vertx.ext.web.impl.RoutingContextImplBase SEVERE: Unexpected exception in route

[15:56:27] <dns_> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: io.vertx.core.Future.setHandler(Lio/vertx/core/Handler;)Lio/vertx/core/Future; at io.vertx.ext.web.handler.sockjs.impl.EventBusBridgeImpl.checkCallHook(

[16:26:04] <dns_> any suggestions? please

[16:41:51] <rbt> <clement> seems like you have an issue with your vert.x version

[16:41:56] <rbt> <clement> are you using 3.2.1 ?

[16:45:26] <Narigo> Does anyone have time to review this?

[16:48:25] <rbt> <clement> Hi Narigo

[16:48:42] <rbt> <clement> I[unknown:rsquo]m just back from a business trip, will look at it before the end of the week

[16:49:01] <rbt> <clement> Hum, it[unknown:rsquo]s related to dates, Paulo has more expertise

[16:49:12] <rbt> <clement> let me see that with him

[16:50:11] <Narigo> thanks, clement!

[16:50:32] <Narigo> btw, that's strange talking through “rbt”… :)

[16:50:47] <rbt> <clement> is queryTypeTimestampWithTimezoneTest tested with MySQL ? (maybe it[unknown:rsquo]s not supported, but in that case it should be written somewhere)

[16:51:09] <rbt> <clement> (same question for queryTypeTimestampWithoutTimezoneTest)

[16:51:49] <Narigo> clement, it's only in PostgreSQL

[16:52:03] <rbt> <clement> ok

[16:52:13] <Narigo> I don't know whether MySQL supports “with timezone” through some obscure syntax… ;)

[17:06:49] <dns_> Thank you, clement!

[17:07:10] <rbt> <clement> @Narigo - this is the slack bridge

[17:07:34] <rbt> <clement> [unknown:ldquo]rbt[unknown:rdquo] a.k.a robot, or robert (up to you) is just a bridge

[17:11:06] <Narigo> May I think of Rauhbart? Sounds more like a pirate. I like pirates. Arrr!

[17:12:10] <rbt> <clement> works too :)

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