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[04:51:02] <nemesis> greetings to everyone here. i've tried for many of hours to get vertx working consistently yet i seem to be making no progress. while i'd like to blame lack of documentation it's most likely due to not being a full-fledged java dev. with that said, i'll just explain what i'm trying to do. simply put, i'd like to use vertx with ruby (jruby to be specific) to do browser testing, logging results to a postgres db.

[04:53:55] <nemesis> a handful of the web examples work as they should, but the rest fail and the hours i've spent trying to resolve this have only ended in failure. (i'm talking about the ruby specific examples). when it comes to the postgres + mysql test, things seem to being going as planned until it tries testing mysql db connection

[04:56:54] <nemesis> so, since that is ambiguous to where i need help, could someone with a bit of experience just tell me the necessary steps to actually setting up an environment to get say all the ruby web test working

[05:02:33] <nemesis_> to explain a bit about the environment i'm currently running. i use rbenv for my ruby version manager and have the latest jdk installed. also, i've been working with 3.2.1 vertx.

[09:42:23] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [15:16:35] <dns_> Hi there! Could you please help me witj deploying verticles programmatically.. In manual author uses FQCN. I have a main method in class which not extend AbstractVerticle. Verticle for deploying is in the same project directory. despite that I have an error “Class not Found when I run vertx.deployVerticle(“My class which extends AbstractVerticle”) [15:18:10] <dns_> My class not found in CLASSPATH? [16:04:21] <rbt> <clement> dns: yes, it cannot find the class. Check that the class is available in the classpath (and the FQCN you pass as it[unknown:rsquo]s often error-prone) [16:09:36] <dns_> Clement, thx! It works! [17:14:17] <Narigo> pmlopes_, does the comment at PR at mysql-postgresql-client make sense? See [17:17:36] <dns_> in examples repository no one example for SockJSBridge that have a secured address for registerHandler and send functions. Broadcast only 1)

So.. I'd like to create a new verticle when a user sign in. Is it possible to create a websocket session with parameters? [17:24:24] <dns_> when I call EventBus(“http://localhost:8080/eventbus”) browser addressing to ws:localhost:8080/eventbus/<blah>/<blah 2>/websocket. I need some parameters to find an address that I registered for this user before( [18:05:02] <dns_> BTW, imagine that I know an a server side which used trying to open sockjs session. How can I find related SockJSHandler? If I use example and refresh a page 10 times I have 10 opened sockets. It is not good. I need to prevent duplicating sessions for the same client. [18:05:25] <dns_> which user* [18:09:17] <daum_> hi guys - i have an app which makes an db query per request,so I have code that does this:, using the future I want to enforce a timeout if the db result doens't come back quick enough. I'm using a 5ms timeout. My app i'm trying to tweak to server ~5k clients, doing around a total of 150k reqs/second. Was curious on what parameters I should be tweaking inside of vertx to get best performance [19:26:10] <melvinross_> Has anyone bridged two clusters using either the tcp bridge or the sockJS bridge? [20:38:40] <rbt> <clement> melvin follow the current work of pmlopes (it will be pushed soon), but it[unknown:rsquo]s exactly what he is doing right now [20:47:14] <dns_> guys, Is it possible to add a new isolated sockjshandler for a new address? [20:48:52] <dns_> just found this:!searchin/vertx/sockjshandler/vertx/4frIKIkwQNo/XqytXNs-CAAJ [20:50:31] <dns_> May be I shoud post my question in google group rather than sending messages here )) [21:10:08] <daum_> how is DEFAULT_BLOCKED_THREAD_CHECK_INTERVAL used? [21:21:50] <melvinross_> i scanned through his personal account, and couldn't see any repos that looked like it [21:24:42] <melvinross_> dam, if you block the thread for longer than that interval, a warning is raised [21:24:59] <melvinross_> if you block the event loop for too long, an exception is actually thrown [21:28:59] <daum_> ah thanks! [23:26:13] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox