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[03:47:31] <DP_2014> Can anyone give me a hand understanding futures specifically CompositeFutures

[04:28:41] <DP_2014> Specifiically gow do I glue together handlers and futures?

[11:38:16] <sunnyawake> hi there. i tried vertx 3.2.1 examples and found jwt related examples very slow. authjdbc works normally.

[17:26:19] <Abaw7> Ok, this is probably just something stupid that I missed. I've tested this exact same thing about 10 times to confirm it. I have a JDBC client connecting to a MySql database. It works perfectly. However, on the 8th connection, it just stops working and stalls. I have it executing in a blocking handler, so I have a fail tripping 30 seconds later if it doesn't work. I go on to the 9th connection, and it still doesn't work. No error, Print

[17:26:33] <Abaw7> Handler for the connection isn't even being called on the 8th connection

[17:40:29] <daum_> are you using a pool? and not freeing the conneciton?

[17:43:47] <Abaw7> How would I go about freeing the connection after I'm done with it?

[17:45:23] <Abaw7> Is it just Connection.close()?

[17:47:22] <daum_> yeah

[17:47:30] <daum_> if you use try with resources it should handle all that for you

[17:47:40] <daum_>

[17:48:03] <Abaw7> Also, while I got you here, is there a way to close a HTTPClient Connection as well?

[17:48:27] <daum_> not sure - i'm new to vertx, i have juts seen the issue you are seeing before

[17:50:09] <Abaw7> Alright, well, thank you. If anyone else knows and would like to tell me, that'd be great. I'm tired of seeing the timeout errors after it's already done.

[17:50:19] <Abaw7> Also, just tested, and it works now

[18:01:55] <Abaw7> I found client.close() I believe that's the right method to use to close the connection

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