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[12:58:55] <AlexLehm_tmp> temporalfox: could you take a look at my current prs for the mail project if you have time?

[12:59:04] <temporalfox> yes I will

[13:10:54] <AlexLehm_tmp> thank you

[13:39:58] <mweb84> hi there, what's the replacement for PlatformManager in vert.x3? I'm trying to build a war file in order to run my vertx3 application with tomcat

[13:41:43] <temporalfox> mweb84 why did the PlatformManager to help for that purpose ?

[13:41:51] <temporalfox> why/what

[13:42:49] <mweb84> we had a bootstraplistener class implementing ServletContextListener which used the PlatformManager to deploy a module

[13:43:23] <temporalfox> mweb84 the notion of module is gone in Vert.x 3

[13:43:47] <temporalfox> one way to replace that would to package your vert.x “module” in a jar

[13:43:52] <mweb84> ok so then it would be to deploy a verticle in the servlet

[13:43:59] <temporalfox> yes

[13:44:00] <temporalfox> yes

[13:44:04] <temporalfox> either deploy the verticle

[13:44:10] <temporalfox> or if you don't know the name of the verticle

[13:44:21] <temporalfox> then you can package it in a jar file with a descriptor

[13:44:24] <mweb84> I know the name of the verticle

[13:44:34] <temporalfox> and deploy it using its service identifier

[13:44:39] <temporalfox> the name of the class ?

[13:44:57] <temporalfox> then just do vertx.deployVerticle(“your.Verticle”)

[13:45:20] <mweb84> ah, ok. that sounds easy

[13:46:07] <mweb84> just add the verticle as dependency (maven) and then vertx.deployVerticle(…)?

[17:19:01] <truk77> Does anybody have experience with the JWT auth provider?

[17:42:04] <BadApe_> truk77, yes it is easy, took me 2 hours to get it working on saturday

[17:42:10] <BadApe_> just read the docs

[17:43:57] <truk77> BadApe_: Hmm, are you using a keystore file inside your classpath?

[17:47:15] <BadApe_> truk77, i setup a config file and put the path to the keystore in there

[17:49:23] <BadApe_> so i generate a new keystore for dev,test and live

[18:11:01] <truk77> BadApe: Out of curiosity, which algo are you using for signing?

[18:12:47] <BadApe> truk77, HMacSHA256 the default

[18:15:04] <truk77> BadApe: Same, but I keep getting an 'algorithm not supported' exception.

[18:17:07] <BadApe> i had that for others, so i stuck to the default

[18:19:18] <truk77> BadApe: Do you generate the keyfile using the instructions at the bottom of this page?

[18:19:25] <truk77> Er, keystore

[22:29:29] <Mahmoud> HELP