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[09:55:03] <FainTMako> Haha, didnt know vertx had an irc channel. I should really pay more attention. Anyways, Julien its me Chris

[10:12:24] <rbt> <clement> Hi

[10:12:44] <temporalfox> hi FainTMako

[10:12:54] <temporalfox> how are you doing ?

[10:13:34] <temporalfox> if you want to get my attention mention my nickname

[10:25:10] <FainTMako> Hey everyone sorry I was missing your chat.

[10:26:30] <FainTMako> @temporalfox im great thanks for asking! I'm glad to see an irc channel for vertx. Do you have any tips to get started in intellij?

[10:26:43] <FainTMako> I feel like the process should be straightforward but I ended up wasting so much time.

[10:26:44] <temporalfox> what I do is

[10:26:50] <temporalfox> on osx

[10:26:58] <temporalfox> I drag and drop the folder on the Intellij icon

[10:27:01] <temporalfox> and it set up it all

[10:27:07] <temporalfox> besides what thing you need to do before

[10:27:19] <temporalfox> is to setup the snapshot repository if you don't want to build them yourself

[10:27:46] <temporalfox> this is setup in .m2/settings.xml

[10:28:36] <FainTMako> Now when you say you dragged the folder into intellij what folder are you speaking of? The process im doing is actually creating a new project from git sources. It clones the project just fine.

[10:30:24] <temporalfox> the proejct folder

[10:30:30] <temporalfox> for instance if you have a shell window

[10:30:41] <temporalfox> and you are in the project folder

[10:30:50] <temporalfox> you can grap the folder in the top bar

[10:30:55] <temporalfox> and DnD on the Intellij icon

[10:31:01] <temporalfox> ah ok

[10:31:04] <temporalfox> I do manual git clone

[10:31:14] <temporalfox> then I DnD icon on intellij : it setup maven

[10:31:54] <temporalfox> do you have a blocking problem now ?

[10:33:55] <FainTMako> I'm going to try to do a manual git clone and drag it into intellij. I dont think I understand what you mean when you ask if i'm having a blocking problem.

[10:35:10] <temporalfox> things that prevent you from building and developing in vertx

[10:41:25] <FainTMako> Its still processing in intellij now, but I will say its looking better already.

[10:41:52] <temporalfox> one important thing to do

[10:41:58] <temporalfox> is that we generate source code

[10:42:18] <temporalfox> and you need to the src/main/generated folder as source

[10:42:50] <temporalfox> with right click on it and chose “Mark directory as” → “Sources root”

[10:43:48] <FainTMako> It seems to have been done automatically :)

[10:43:54] <temporalfox> really ?

[10:43:57] <temporalfox> that would be nice

[10:44:04] <FainTMako> Yeah I checked.

[10:44:16] <FainTMako> Its asking me if I want to uncheck it as a sources root which I dont think I do :)

[10:44:28] <temporalfox> yes you want to keep it that way

[10:46:05] <FainTMako> Ok everything is done, when I hit run its asking me to edit the config

[10:46:55] <temporalfox> what do you mean by run ?

[10:46:59] <temporalfox> compile the project ?

[10:47:01] <temporalfox> execute tests ?

[10:47:49] <FainTMako> Yes, I dont know much about how that is done to be honest.

[10:48:10] <FainTMako> It did compile just fine though

[10:48:37] <temporalfox> you can right clock on src/test/java

[10:48:42] <temporalfox> and do “run all tests”

[10:48:50] <temporalfox> run “Tests”

[10:55:22] <FainTMako> Ok im getting cannot resolve symbol for things like @Fluent

[10:55:37] <FainTMako> anything from codegen

[10:57:05] <temporalfox> compilation errors ?

[10:58:36] <FainTMako> Error:(19, 36) java: package io.vertx.codegen.annotations does not exist

[10:59:48] <temporalfox> if you go in

[10:59:52] <temporalfox> File / Project Structure

[11:00:24] <temporalfox> you should have there the io.vertx:vertx-codegen:3.3.0-SNAPSHOT

[11:00:31] <temporalfox> if it's not here it's a setup prb

[11:01:08] <FainTMako> ok setup problem then, all I have is main, vertx-http2 and vertx-core

[11:01:23] <FainTMako> Interestin

[11:02:07] <FainTMako> I will update my intellij tomorrow and try again. I really appreciate all your help and time. Even this has helped push me forward so hopefully I'll have something for you guys soon.

[11:02:28] <FainTMako> Honestly I need the netclient with socks proxy support for my own project but I guess thats how things go right?

[11:03:27] <temporalfox> yes it could be contributed

[11:04:44] <FainTMako> Yeah, the thing is i'm having 10x more trouble getting everything setup in my ide for git vs just being able to make the code but I'd love to contribute so I can assure you if I get it working I'll gladly send my code over for you guys to put into vertx.

[11:06:43] <temporalfox> what IDE are you used to ?

[11:06:54] <temporalfox> IDe setup should not prevent anyone from contribuing

[11:08:26] <FainTMako> I use netbeans but I've never used git on any larger projects and im new to the concepts of running unit testing etc. I'm sure more of the issue is just that I am newer to the whole scene.

[11:09:20] <temporalfox> I see

[11:10:53] <FainTMako> Yeah netbeans isnt really too popular among my peers so I wasnt surprised when it all didnt work in netbeans. I'm sure once I try it out again on intellij with a fresh mind I'll get it all up.I'm pretty tired as well and im sure that not helping lol. But really, thanks for your time.

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