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[01:30:40] <maziz> hi all. Any pointers how to start contributing? Which issues to start, things like that?

[07:36:52] <chi_> Hello everybody, I'm looking for a solution integrate Swagger & Vert.x

[09:11:14] <temporalfox> chi_ what kind of integration are you looking for ?

[09:12:14] <temporalfox> maziz you can read this document and this one provides info about the vertx issues

[10:10:08] <maziz> @temporalfox should i just pick any issue and raise a pr

[10:10:10] <maziz> ?

[10:26:19] <temporalfox> maziz perhaps we can suggest you what would make sense to contribute to

[10:26:31] <temporalfox> what kind of area would you like to contribute to ?

[10:45:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_ [11:09:41] <maziz> @temporal_ nothing in particular. I would like to start small then move on from there [11:09:59] <temporal_> makes sense [11:14:13] <temporal_> I'm tring to find something small :-) [11:15:14] <temporal_> I think there are quite some issues with help wanted in mongodb client [11:15:23] <temporal_> [11:15:34] <temporal_> some are bugs [11:15:39] <temporal_> some are features [11:19:22] <temporal_> another suggestion would be to contribute Vert.x commands [11:19:55] <temporal_> we do have this nice shell but we could benefit from command for doing some operations [12:12:25] <maziz> roger that [12:12:33] <maziz> ill pm you for more details later yeah? [12:23:22] <maziz> thanks [15:36:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[16:00:25] <dns_> hi there! What should I do for provide [apache ignite] classes availability for deploying verticles from command line like “vertx start <verticle file name>”? I guess I need put jar file with this classes in $VERTX_HOME/lib, right?

[16:02:30] <dns_> hmm.. May be I just need add these classes in vertx_stack.json…

[17:38:44] <ralleal> hi,

[17:39:08] <ralleal> stupid question probably, but how do I reply to a message in Javascript?

[17:39:58] <ralleal> I want to mantain a conversation (protocol) to the server and wait for responses, but I can only send one message and handle it's reply and cannot find the right way of replying to the reply.

[17:40:52] <dns_> ralleal, examples here: don't work?

[17:52:27] <ralleal> I don't see this exact case in the documentation. if I use eventBus.send( … ) in javascript with a handler for the reply, I can get the message but cannot reply to with using received_message.reply(…) or equivalent. I want this case, mentioned in the documentation: “When the reply is received back at the sender, it too can be replied to. This can be repeated ad-infinitum, and allows a dialog to be set-up between two different ver

[17:52:53] <ralleal> but that dialog occur between my Server in Java and cliente in Javascript (browser)

[17:53:44] <ralleal> maybe it's only possible between verticles?

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[20:01:56] <voidDotClass> Is there any impl of jsonobject which uses streaming?