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[10:33:16] <oxsav> Hi. I'm using webserver vertx module (io.vertx~mod-web-server~2.1.0-SNAPSHOT) . In any point is that possible that this server doesn't accept/read %20 and special characters?

[10:34:06] <oxsav> I have file images that have white spaces in the name of the file, and the server does not recognize them when trying to access it directly even in html and css.

[10:34:44] <oxsav> if it doesn't have any white spaces or any other special character I can access to it

[10:37:15] <pmlopes> @oxsav it could be that there is a bug, can you open an issue on github so we can investigate it?

[10:43:24] <oxsav> pmlopes: here?

[10:45:15] <pmlopes> yes

[10:45:15] <oxsav> you have the urlMappings option.. but is not specified in the documentation.. maybe something related to this?

[10:47:46] <pmlopes> i cannot answer that since i haven't seen that code for a long time… i need some investigation, sorry

[18:47:50] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [19:19:51] <jackhill> Hi, is it possible to sign up for the virtx mailing list without a Google account? [19:20:08] <jackhill> I think this may be something that needs to be turned on in the group admin interface [21:49:26] <jackhill> Hi is there documentation about the work involved in adding a laguage to vert.x? [21:59:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_

[22:18:04] <jackhill> found this for vertx 2

[23:25:41] <temporal_> jackhill I think you can, google groups accept any email

[23:25:54] <temporal_> jackhill I'm going to investigate this

[23:26:11] <temporal_> jackhill go on vertx-dev if you want to help on adding a language

[23:26:26] <temporal_> jackhill google group, we will help you from there

[23:26:35] <temporal_> jackhill which language can you help ?

[23:32:36] <jackhill> temporal_: I was thinking of Frege

[23:32:58] <temporal_> jackhill ok

[23:33:00] <jackhill> I could create a dummy Google account to sign up, so no worries

[23:33:23] <temporal_> jackhill I searched and I did not find

[23:33:58] <temporal_> jackhill you can have a look at existing lang impl

[23:34:29] <temporal_> besides here is codegen documentation

[23:34:34] <jackhill> temporal_: okay, that seems like a resonable place to start

[23:34:42] <temporal_> it allows you to be more familliar with the code generator

[23:34:53] <temporal_> and the vertx api and the supported type system

[23:35:11] <temporal_> vertx allows a subset of java type system

[23:35:41] <jackhill> I actually have to run, but I'll idle here. Thanks for your coments.

[23:36:14] <temporal_> a couple of other helpful projects

[23:36:15] <temporal_>

[23:36:23] <temporal_> a started for code generation

[23:36:27] <temporal_> and

[23:36:41] <temporal_> a cli that helps to try code generation

[23:36:50] <temporal_> but I would rather focus on vertx-codegen-starter as maven project

[23:37:04] <temporal_> the cli was developed for someone that wanted to do clojure and did not want to use amven

[23:37:30] <temporal_> anyway jackhill vertx-dev would be the place to talk about that! looking forward to see you there