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[16:28:46] <dns_> Hi there! Is it possible to crate reroute from failure handler? I my SinglePageApplication I have a lot of application's URL and server should send index.html on these requests..

[16:30:31] <dns_> if I do this, vertx send me this: at TestWebServer.lambda$start$0( at io.vertx.ext.web.impl.RouteImpl.handleFailure( at io.vertx.ext.web.impl.RoutingContextImplBase.iterateNext( at at io.vertx.ext.web.impl.RoutingContextImplBase.restart(RoutingContextImplBase.jav

[16:32:26] <dns_> I tried to send the same index.html page but failureHandler doesn't know about WebRoot directory and print “File not found”(

[16:35:40] <dns_> stack:

[16:39:49] <dns_> so.. this has more lines:

[17:06:51] <dns_> hmm.. if I set right directory error sounds like “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Response has already been written” if I use sendFile method

[18:03:51] <dns_> posted this:!topic/vertx/uISbEZxdPgw