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[09:13:13] <davsclaus> does vertx-core uses any logging api

[09:13:25] <davsclaus> eg can i add some slf4j or jboss logging or something

[09:13:31] <davsclaus> to see any kind of logging for vertx ?

[09:14:39] <davsclaus>

[09:14:41] <davsclaus> ah found that

[09:14:45] <davsclaus> yikes jul

[09:15:07] <davsclaus> is there a way to configure this without using a JVM sys property ?

[09:15:15] <davsclaus> eg drop a file in the root classpath

[09:15:29] <davsclaus> eg i cannot change how the java is started to add a jvm sys property

[09:23:38] <cescoffier> Hi @davsclaus

[09:23:47] <cescoffier> no actually, it's a bit more complex

[09:23:51] <davsclaus> hacked it in my java code

[09:23:51] <davsclaus> System.setProperty(“vertx.logger-delegate-factory-class-name”, “io.vertx.core.logging.Log4jLogDelegateFactory”);

[09:23:56] <cescoffier> it uses the delegates you are configuring.

[09:23:59] <cescoffier> excactly

[09:24:21] <davsclaus> vertx dont log anything at info

[09:24:25] <davsclaus> had to turn debug to see something

[09:24:30] <cescoffier> we support JUL (default, and I share your opinion), Log4j 1, SLF4J, and soon Log4J 2 (PR not merged yet)

[09:24:50] <davsclaus> how do you close a http server graceful

[09:24:59] <davsclaus> i have a listen(8080);

[09:25:02] <davsclaus> which blocks the jvm

[09:25:05] <davsclaus> and when cltr + c

[09:25:12] <davsclaus> i want to close it graceful

[09:25:17] <davsclaus> so it stop cleanly

[09:25:33] <davsclaus> do i need to add some jvm shutdown trap and close it maually

[09:25:37] <cescoffier> are you suing verticles ?

[09:25:41] <cescoffier> using

[09:25:55] <davsclaus>

[09:26:01] <davsclaus> i am polishing this

[09:26:05] <davsclaus> to add logging

[09:26:18] <davsclaus> it was tim who created that example

[09:26:32] <davsclaus> but we need a bit more details and logs so you can see activity in the centralized logging etc

[09:27:47] <cescoffier> the HTTP server would be closed automatically

[09:27:54] <temporal_> davsclaus you want high level logging of the application

[09:28:06] <davsclaus> ok but there is not even a single DEBUG logging that this happens

[09:28:27] <davsclaus>

[09:28:31] <davsclaus> this is what i see

[09:28:51] <davsclaus> i frankly want a few log lines before + after

[09:28:54] <davsclaus> from vertx itself

[09:28:58] <davsclaus> that it has started up correctly

[09:29:02] <davsclaus> and ditto for shutdown

[09:29:13] <davsclaus> and then i can do my own logging in the req handler when a HTTP req is processed

[09:29:32] <davsclaus> having to turn on debug logging in prod would be bad

[09:29:36] <temporal_> vertx will not fail when starting

[09:29:40] <temporal_> unless you are using clustering

[09:29:51] <temporal_> Vertx.vertx() won't fail

[17:31:37] <jtruelove_> davsclaus for my servers i just log myself on startup and shutdown which their are hooks for

[17:32:07] <jtruelove_> like if i start N instances of a verticle instance i may have each log thread X has started listening

[17:32:45] <jtruelove_> if your .listen call succeeds which it will unless it's already bound you are good to go :)

[17:57:39] <davsclaus> thx

[21:16:07] <level0> How would I loop through this JSON [{“first”:“Karl”,“last”:“Karlsson”},{“first”:“Petra”,“last”:“Bofors”},{“first”:“G[unknown:ouml]ran”,“last”:“Svensson”},{“first”:“Klara”,“last”:“Lind”}] in handlebars and/or jade?

[21:18:37] <level0> the closest I've gotten so far is to output “first=Karl”, “last=Karlsson” etc.

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[22:30:29] <jtruelove_> don't think this is quite the area of expertise of this channel, in js you should be able to grab the arrays and or keys off your json payload