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[09:43:33] <dns_> Hi there. Could you please help with running verticles in cluster mode from IDEA. What should I do before call Launcher.main(new String[]{“run”,DBAdaptor.class.getName(),“-clustered”}); ?

[09:44:26] <dns_> hmm.. looks like working) Sorry for dusturbing

[09:50:41] <cescoffier> dns_ `-cluster` not `clustered`

[09:51:03] <dns_> yes! sure :)

[09:51:21] <dns_> oops.. one second/..

[09:52:08] <dns_> thats my mistake…. ok.. question is relevant again(

[09:52:30] <dns_> No ClusterManagerFactory instances found on classpath

[10:03:34] <dns_> in examples I found this: Runner.runClusteredExample(Receiver.class);

[10:04:04] <dns_> but maven connot resolve dependency for version 3.1.0 for example

[10:04:27] <dns_> <dependency> <groupId>io.vertx</groupId> <artifactId>examples-utils</artifactId> <version>3.1.0</version> </dependency>

[10:22:56] <dns_> so.. after adding dependency on vertx-hazelcast verticle successfully deployed

[11:05:06] <cescoffier> dns_ yes you need one cluster manager in your classpath

[11:05:35] <cescoffier> dns_ by default we are using Hazelcast (vertx-hazelcast), but there are more available (ignite, jgroups, zookeeper)

[11:06:28] <dns_> Before I started verticles from vertx start … and -cluster mode was intuitive “as is” for me))

[11:07:03] <dns_> I already asked you about another cluster manager for using all collection of distributed objects…

[11:07:44] <dns_> you said that you had some problems with it..

[11:08:07] <dns_> I'd like to use distributed queue at hand

[11:08:14] <dns_> to have*

[11:23:20] <dns_> Is it possible to explain why vertx can not dinamically adding addresses to SockJS event but bridge? Now I can do this only when http server starts…

[11:31:37] <cescoffier> so about the cluster manager hving issue, I guess I was mentioning the zookeeper one. I had issue on large objects.

[11:32:45] <cescoffier> about sockJS, it's probably for performance reason. Ping @pmlopes about this

[11:40:05] <dns_> Clement, thank you!

[13:36:34] <level0> How do I send, e.g. JSON, to a html-file? Not using templates

[14:13:57] <level0> Or do I have to do requests on the server from the html document?

[14:40:19] <cescoffier> Hello level0

[14:40:54] <cescoffier> you can use: request.response().end(content) where content in the json string, or something

[14:41:16] <cescoffier> if you plan to serve static files (HTML files for example), use the StaticHandler from vertx-web

[16:04:33] <level0> Thanks, but I would need a template engine to actually pass e.g JSON to a html file (which then formats and outputs the JSON)?

[16:15:21] <cescoffier> level0 it really depends how it built your application. You can use a template engine, or use Ajax / Web Sockets (so the HTML page is served and some javascript retrieve the Json content)

[16:43:08] <level0> Thank you, guess I'll give templates another try

[17:17:35] <Sticky> hmmm, could really do with send/replys having a confirmation that delivery happened, not simply the absence of a NO_HANDLERS error

[17:48:37] <temporalfox> Sticky no you cannot

[17:49:01] <temporalfox> Sticky it's been also a problem for AMQP integration to just get an Ack instead of a reply

[17:52:43] <Sticky> yeah, tbh I am not looking for a 100% delivery guarentee, its pretty much a case of if I had an instant response I could clean stuff up rather than waiting for the 30 second timeout to realise its failed

[19:14:37] <rmartinelli> Anyone could please tell in what Maven repo I can find the vert.x 3.x jars?

[19:47:45] <skeet70> rmartinelli ?