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[02:38:30] <ferrante> hello

[02:41:17] <ferrante> does anyone know why mongo opens 3 connections when a verticle connects ? just curious.

[14:32:47] <kwf2030> hi, i have met a problem, Pump.pump().start() only receives part of the response

[14:33:42] <kwf2030> it seems that the last buffer does not flush

[14:33:53] <kwf2030>

[14:34:55] <kwf2030> i use wireshark to find that the traffic are all received

[14:36:38] <kwf2030> vertx3.2.1

[19:29:02] <dns_> hi there! How can I check RAM consumption by vert.x verticle?

[19:30:49] <dns_> 300Mb RAM is not enough for 1 webserver, 1 mail verticle and 1 jdbc connector in cluster mode((