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[16:52:39] <corona10_> What kinds of Java8 feature mainly I should know except lambda for implementation of “blueprint” Vert.x application of GSoC?

[16:54:57] <corona10_> And it will help if I have experience with flask for same task?

[17:02:11] <Ashwin> Java 8 has introduced new API's for Concurrency. It would be nice to know them too :)

[17:03:14] <corona10_> Thank you I should read about it

[17:22:15] <akuo> hi

[17:22:32] <akuo> Clement sent me a mail about gsoc ideas

[17:22:52] <akuo> so I'm here and got a few of questions to ask :)

[17:26:34] <akuo> I'm pretty interested in this one “Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications”

[17:26:43] <akuo> I wanna get familiar with reactive

[17:53:38] <cescoffier> Hi

[17:54:15] <akuo> hi!

[17:54:20] <cescoffier> corona10_ Flask may help you if you plan to do the eventbus client project. This would help you for the python one. However, in this subject, you will use a large set of languages (C#, Go, Rust, Python, Objective-C…)

[17:55:20] <cescoffier> akuo - as far as I remember, only one of the application really leverage of the reactive programming model. However, all of them are reactive system (resilient, elastic, responsive, asynchronous)

[17:55:36] <akuo> yeah

[17:55:42] <akuo> I mean reactive system

[17:58:09] <akuo> Do I still need a proposal for application?

[17:58:34] <cescoffier> so the idea of this subject is to implement 3 (very different) applications and write the guidelines to explain how to build such kind of applications

[17:59:53] <cescoffier> Vert.x is un-opinionated, and is not an app server, so it lets developers to use it the way they want. However, we often have questions on “standard” applications. The subject addresses those.

[18:00:20] <akuo> yeah

[18:00:25] <akuo> right

[18:01:57] <akuo> So do I have to propose how to make standard applications?

[18:09:09] <cescoffier> you have to implement these applications using Vert.x using the guideline we would provide to you

[18:09:25] <cescoffier> so, the application should be resilient, elastic, responsive…

[18:09:50] <cescoffier> the design you would use is going to be quite different from “traditional” applications

[18:20:05] <Ashwin> @Cescoffier vert.X 2 has client library for eventbus already implemented for Python right ?

[18:22:15] <akuo> that's good.

[18:22:23] <akuo> i mean when apply to gsoc?

[18:40:24] <temporalfox> Ashwin I don't think so

[18:45:43] <Ashwin> @temporalfox

[18:46:16] <temporalfox> Ashwin it is for vert.x 2 and running with Jython in the JVM

[18:46:45] <Ashwin> @temporalfox Ohh alright ! Thanks for clearing that :)

[18:46:48] <temporalfox> eventbus clients are usually websocket or TCP clients that talks to the vertx event bus

[18:46:54] <temporalfox> from outside the JVM

[18:47:03] <temporalfox> we do have some of these clients already

[18:47:07] <temporalfox> Node.js, Go

[18:48:07] <temporalfox> and browser of course

[18:48:10] <Ashwin> @temporalfox That's cool ! I should get started with python then

[18:48:12] <Ashwin> :)

[18:48:26] <temporalfox> Ashwin are you a gsoc student ?

[18:48:37] <Ashwin> @Temporalfox yes

[19:00:11] <Ashwin> @temporalfox Why have not they added python for Vert.X 3 ?

[19:29:10] <temporalfox> Ashwin people started to work on it but then lost motivation to contribue

[19:29:30] <temporalfox> Ashwin that's still an open contribution for open source devleopers though

[19:31:18] <Ashwin> Will be nice to have one. Lots of oppurtunities for this summer then :)

[19:36:25] <Ashwin> For Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications In what all languages will we be working ?

[19:36:29] <Ashwin> Only Java ?

[19:47:42] <cescoffier> Ashwin : about the language, we would start by java, but some application are going to be polyglot (so using different languages)

[19:48:31] <Ashwin> @cescoffier Thanks :)

[20:52:18] <shreyansha> Hi I want to get little info regaring gsoc project enabling devops tooling

[20:52:35] <shreyansha> What is the technology stack in which the work will be ?

[20:53:50] <cescoffier> shreyansha jenkins, ansible

[20:54:02] <cescoffier> shreyansha servo, jolokia for the monitoring

[20:54:27] <cescoffier> for logs: graylog2 and heka

[20:56:04] <shreyansha> So its mentioned that I have to use different setting for different aggregator so Does this means that right now there is only one log aggregator and I have to incorporate usage of various aggregator for different situations ?

[20:56:35] <cescoffier> actually, right now, be don't say how to use a log agregator

[20:56:57] <cescoffier> so we would need to figure that out, and write the “guides” to explain how to do that

[20:57:37] <shreyansha> ok gotcha Thanks @cescoffier

[20:58:16] <shreyansha> Where is the whole codebase of vert.x is deployed ?

[20:58:37] <cescoffier> Vert.x core is there:

[20:58:54] <cescoffier> The rest of the ecosytem is there

[21:05:39] <shreyansha> and what is being expected for the proposal, do I have to fix patches of code or can directly submit the proposal ?

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