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[00:48:07] <jayamine> Hi

[05:29:15] <sachiths> Hi all, I am Sachith Senarathne and planing to participate GSoC 2016. I have already covered some ground work and communicated with @clement and @plopes. Planing to do the project idea based on the (Runtime Frameworks) Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications. I am really interested in it and need to start working on blueprint project as soon as possible. So how can I start working on existing project blueprint

[05:31:21] <sachiths> Sorry for putting this on IRC channel if I am done anything unwanted. I needed to keep in touch with you guys since I didn't get any reply. Sorry again

[07:24:14] <cescoffier> hi

[07:24:33] <cescoffier> sachiths - IRC is fine, it's our main way of communication (with the google groups)

[07:26:59] <sachiths> cescoffier - Thank you sir :)

[07:37:35] <cescoffier> to all - when you submit a GSOC proposal we don't receive a notification, so please let us know.

[07:42:51] <sachiths> Sir, Do you have any idea where can I start looking in to Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications existing project. Because I have already done some ground work on Vertx

[07:43:28] <cescoffier> You can have a look to the vertx-example, mainly the web ones

[07:43:35] <cescoffier> also check the introduction to vert.x blog post series (google for it)

[07:49:25] <sachiths> I have done some examples on vertx and currently going through the blog posts

[07:50:46] <sachiths> I am finding them really interesting, but no clue about the [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications

[07:51:30] <cescoffier> oh, you mean what are the “blueprint” apps ?

[07:52:21] <cescoffier> the first one is an implementation of the specification

[08:01:17] <jayamine> Hi, I'm jayamine . I'm interested at Tcp event bus Client project for this year GSOC .

[08:01:43] <cescoffier> Hi jayamine

[08:02:16] <cescoffier> in this project you are going to use a wide set of language (Rust, C, Objective-C, Python…)

[08:02:55] <jayamine> I have a question about “Publish” . When we are delivering the message for many handlers, Does it happen same time or after one by one?

[08:03:04] <cescoffier> the goal is to use to connect to the event bus from a non-vert.x application. This connection is made using the clients you are going to do.

[08:12:08] <jayamineA> thanks sir. I went through the source code.I have planned to create Rust, Objective c,Go. Also I'm thinking about c# and swift .Actually i didnot think about python :-(

[08:31:16] <cescoffier> well, the list if not “closed” yet. For sure there will be C#, Rust (we already received a Go bridge), Objective-C or Swift and C.

[08:41:45] <jayamineA> okey. with the time i have i'll complete 3 or 4 languages(Objective c, C#, rust , sometime Swift) anyway even after that I would like to finish others also.(still i have not decided))

[15:31:23] <jayamine> @cescoffier> (Gsoc2016)This is about the jsonObject . Can we use 3rd party libraries? (look like rust does not have a library. but others have)

[15:34:29] <cescoffier> yes, the client should use the language support

[15:34:37] <cescoffier> json is json, it's standard

[18:17:45] <donghee_na> Hi I have some question for GSoC. How much I exactly write time table? per weeks? or just write before midterm evaluation and after midterm evaluation

[18:25:26] <jayamine> (GSOC 2016) Can we change the project name Vert.x Eventbus clients for Go, C, and Rust applications to something? Because Go bridge already has been implemented