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[00:29:45] <kuwv> AlexLehm++

[00:47:56] <donghee_na> reference this link

[00:47:59] <donghee_na>

[00:48:38] <donghee_na> Make a maven project and add pom file you can start with easily

[01:00:58] <kuwv> Thanks donghee. I got it worked out now. It was just inexperience with it.

[01:01:06] <kuwv> *working

[12:52:47] <sachiths> Here is my java code, Map<Integer, String> todos = new HashMap<Integer, String>(); getting all keys and iterating to show all todos client.keys(“*”, r → { if (r.succeeded()) { for (Object key : r.result()) { client.get1); System.out.println(“L : ” + todos.size()); System.out.println(“Added : ” + Integer.parseInt((String) k [12:53:20] <sachiths> sorry incomplete [12:55:04] <sachiths> I have put a question regarding my code in google dev group, please kindly look into that and suggest me a solution!topic/vertx-dev/KfUocgO1BC4 [17:22:36] <jayamine> (Gsoc 2016) hi, i'm doing tcp event bus client project. I have shared a draft proposal . Any comment would be great [20:41:37] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: i have changed the example to SNAPSHOT branch, sorry, i added that wrong before [20:43:54] <temporalfox> Hi AlexLehm [20:52:35] <alexsomai_> hi everyone [20:53:01] <alexsomai_> did any of you try to deploy some of their vertx apps on openshift? [20:54:21] <alexsomai_> on openshift page it says that they only support vertx 2.1, but my app is built using vertx 3 [20:55:03] <alexsomai_> but I don't understand why would I need an vertx application, because I could just run java -jar my-vertx-app.jar on the box [20:56:22] <AlexLehm> there is an example for openshift for vert.x 3 [20:58:11] <alexsomai___> great, thanks :)

String) key, s → { todos.put(Integer.parseInt((String) key), s.result(