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[06:51:29] <jayamine> hi,

[06:52:40] <jayamine> hi, i'm doing tcp event bus client project. I have shared a draft proposal . Any comment would be

[10:06:18] <cyrex> Here is my code and I am getting java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException: Method called not from within a fiber in here, please help me out to resolve it

[11:26:50] <cescoffier> cyrex : your issue comes because you need to be a SyncVerticle

[11:27:01] <cescoffier> cyrex check the vertx-sync documentation

[14:35:14] <TiberiusReilly> Hi folks, looking for some help connecting an IDEs debugger to a vertx process with a JS verticle inside

[14:35:29] <TiberiusReilly> I've tried IntelliJ, Netbeans, and Eclipse but no dice

[14:35:41] <TiberiusReilly> and google is not helpful

[14:36:12] <TiberiusReilly> I just can't get the debugger to break on a JS breakpoint

[14:36:43] <TiberiusReilly> I'm running vertx2 with nashorn

[16:04:07] <dns_> hi there! Here: you say that I should close SqlConnection after use. When sould I do this? In a handler, which called after execution, or after calling method callWitharams? Thx!

[16:50:55] <sczyh30> Hello everyone, my name is Eric Zhao. I have shared my GSOC draft Proposal for “Implementation of [unknown:ldquo]blueprint[unknown:rdquo] Vert.x applications” and made a Todo demo on GitHub. So when you are free, could you please make a review on it and give some advice? Thanks :)

[17:11:15] <dcheung> sczyh30: could you paste the todo demo github link here? I'd like to see it! :)

[17:24:52] <sczyh30> dcheung: Here it is: :)

[22:18:49] <marti_> I 'm trying vertx run

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