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[00:20:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [05:27:07] <kuwv> Hello. [05:31:35] <fredrickbeasley> hi [05:50:09] <AndChat|512> Hi [05:51:10] <kuwv> Hey andchat. Are you a vertx developer? [05:53:27] <AndChat|512> No I am vertx user haha [05:54:07] <kuwv> No worries. Trying to get there right now. [05:55:14] <kuwv> Do you know oauth or databases by chance? [05:57:37] <AndChat|512> Well I know concept of oauth it means I know how to use on client side. But nver implements on server side [05:58:12] <AndChat|512> For the db I know experience working on sql or nosql [05:58:55] <kuwv> Yeah, I'm trying to find out how much is done in the database side. [05:59:23] <kuwv> JPA is still doing nosql but from what I looked up last only had Oracle's nosql. [05:59:57] <kuwv> s/doing/working on/ [06:03:49] <donghee_na> But you could use kinds of redis client? [06:05:07] <kuwv> Yeah, I'm seen that. [06:06:31] <donghee_na> And for more advice orm's stands for Relations [06:06:52] <donghee_na> How about finding about ODM [06:07:29] <donghee_na> I think ODM concept is simmilar with ORM which you want to use [06:14:57] <kuwv> I'll check that out. [06:15:25] <kuwv> Donghee is that anything with oauth in vertx yet? [06:26:08] <AndChat|512> I don't try to implement oauth yet maybe other people answer about that [06:35:49] <shreyansha> Hi I am working on gsoc devops project. [06:36:30] <shreyansha> I have a quick question. How often we are aiming to do delivery of code hourly, dail or for every checkin ? [09:14:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_

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[13:24:28] <dns_> hi there! Could you please help me with understandyng vertx async coordination. If I have a verticle with eventbus().consumer inside why consumer handler block eventloop thread when it handle a message from eventbus?

[13:25:06] <dns_> I can compose some examples in github gist it you want..

[15:37:31] <cescoffier> dns_ : except if you are in a worker verticle, your consumer must not block, as the consumer is invoked using the event loop

[16:25:21] <ravi> hello i'm from govt. engineering college bikaner

[16:25:48] <ravi> i want to contribute in vert.x

[16:28:03] <cescoffier> Hi Ravi

[16:28:31] <cescoffier> there are many issues opened, so feel free to pick one and go ahead

[16:29:22] <ravi> may you send me link for your ideas

[16:46:04] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: i have changed the list to singletonList, can you take another look at the pr if you have time

[16:46:16] <temporalfox> AlexLehm sure