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[00:01:52] <temporal_> yes

[00:02:08] <temporal_> ah you want this because there is a new proxy support in netty 4.1 ?

[00:02:12] <temporal_> codec

[00:03:34] <temporal_> I rmeember now

[00:05:46] <FainTMako> Yes, its not a massive addition but I know I need it. Im sure if they added support for it in netty it was because others needed proxy support :)

[00:07:18] <FainTMako> This is what I got from trying to package

[00:08:18] <temporal_> try

[00:08:29] <temporal_> to skip doc

[00:08:33] <temporal_> or just comment this plugin

[00:10:10] <FainTMako> Okay I was wondering if I should have done that before but I didnt know if it was questionable to do in the dev process.

[00:10:24] <temporal_> it is for creating doc

[00:31:05] <FainTMako> Yes it finally worked!

[00:31:12] <FainTMako> Thanks a lot for your help.

[05:43:19] <Maziz> Hi all. You need to sign off yoru commit only for vertx-core repo right? other no?

[06:14:29] <FainTMako> Hello, can anyone help me with a netsocket. I am having some basic problems and just need to talk to someone with a little more experience

[07:38:54] <dns_> cescoffier I tried using eventbus.publish instead of eventbus.send. The same behaviour. Here is my example: This websocket handler can operate normally even previous request was not completed and waiting timeout exception. Thanks in advance!

[07:52:40] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[12:14:14] <zimy> Hello all. I am a sudent applying for a GSoC. I am interesting in Blueprint and DevOps tooling projects. What is meaning of 'Skill level' requirements? Is it about some generic skill at java|gradle|vertx|devops|etc or specifically Vertx?

[19:45:35] <BrotherLy> does websocket support only come with sockjs? js is slow no?

[20:01:26] <BrotherLy> what jars do i actually need for a java http webserver?

[20:48:21] <zimy_> I saw it is io.vertx:vertx-core:3.2.1

[20:49:32] <dns_> guys, is it OK if I stop my verticles with kill -9 <PID>?