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[00:11:23] <steve1985> has anyone used cassandra with vertx?

[08:50:13] <Philip_> Hi

[08:50:17] <temporalfox> hi

[08:51:28] <Philip_> i'm currently on a vpn without multicast support, hence i need to tell hazelcast to use my local loopback device. I found the explanation on the vertx website, however im missing the information about the location of the config file

[08:51:56] <Philip_> so where to find it on a windows machine?

[09:18:36] <Philip_> hmm.. i dont really get it.

[09:19:45] <Philip_> i read the page more carefully and it says i have to put a file called cluster.xml in my classpath that will be found automatically. But no matter what i put inside there, it is just ignored :/

[09:29:11] <dns_> Philip_ have you seen this: ?

[09:29:56] <dns_> it looks like body of default-config.xml

[09:42:29] <Philip_> dns_: yes i've seen it. but it does not have any effect. In addition, what i just discovered is (no matter if using my own config or the default one supplied by vertx) i get this warning right away when starting vertx: “Name of the hazelcast schema location incorrect using default”

[09:44:01] <Philip_> this might be caused by the cluster.default.xmlas is features: <hazelcast xsi:schemaLocation=“ hazelcast-config-3.2.xsd”

[09:44:14] <Philip_> but uses hazelcast 3.5.2 (at least in my installation)

[10:15:38] <Dominic_> hello

[10:15:53] <Dominic_> i try to get https tunneling working

[10:16:01] <Dominic_> but so far no success

[10:16:21] <Dominic_> i do a http connect to the proxy

[10:16:42] <Dominic_> then i get the netsocket and do a ssl urgrade

[10:16:56] <Dominic_> then i create a GET for the https

[10:17:15] <Dominic_> right now i am just contacting google

[10:17:25] <Dominic_> and i get a timeout exception

[10:17:47] <Dominic_> no further information:

[10:18:00] <Dominic_> anyone here who can help?

[14:58:31] <skunnard> In the JavaDocs, VertxOptions::setMaxEventLoopExecuteTime and getMaxEventLoopExecuteTime disagree about the unit size. The state “Get the value of max event loop execute time, in ns.”, and “@param maxEventLoopExecuteTime the value of max event loop execute time, in ms.”, respectively. It is the JavaDoc on the setter that is incorrect.

[15:26:47] <donghee_na> [Gsoc2016] cescoffier I ve done what you adviced few days ago. fatjar and jdbc

[15:46:16] <skunnard> They*

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