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[12:45:04] <vithu> Hi

[12:46:26] <vithu> what is the impact of creating a messaging app like Kue?

[13:26:22] <cescoffi_> what do you mean by impact ?

[13:41:12] <vithu> advantage that vert.x community can get?

[14:10:31] <cescoffi_> it demonstrates how to build event based application

[14:38:54] <vithu> can you give a early feedback on my proposal

[15:10:46] <sachiths> Hi All, I have shared my gsoc proposal draft on gsoc page, can you please help me by reviewing?

[15:58:35] <vithu> HI, can you give some information about micro service applications

[16:48:38] <donghee_na> Who is maintainer of http2 issue?

[16:49:02] <donghee_na> I am interested with this issue i want start with easy stuff

[18:38:50] <tapesh> hello i want to contribute to vertx project can you please guide me :)

[19:25:44] <zimy> Shared my proposal for DevOps project