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[04:01:10] <donghee_na> How can i import io.vertx.test.codegen.TestDataObjectConverter?

[04:01:16] <donghee_na> In vertx.core?

[04:01:39] <donghee_na> I can not build vert.x core because of missing class..

[04:48:01] <donghee_na> Okay iam now success

[15:03:30] <tapesh> hi

[15:04:09] <tapesh> i am a newbie ..i want to contribute to vertx project

[15:04:29] <tapesh> i need help to get things started

[15:04:50] <tapesh> like where do i find the setup instructions

[18:44:43] <tapesh> hello can anyone help me get started please

[23:26:41] <ropo> hello, does vertx cache ssl sessions? I can't find any reference/docs about it