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[03:49:10] <joson> I found that ClusterEventBus keeps all the opened connections connected until the destinated server isn't alive or reachable.

[03:52:13] <joson> Will it consume all the connection resource if the cluster grow up?

[10:28:18] <joson> help

[11:00:28] <cescoffier> joson : it's how the eventbus is working. So it will open connections to all the nodes. What is the size of your cluster (planned ?)

[13:27:26] <Horst> anybody in the mode for a quick question?

[13:27:40] <Horst> I am running into issues uising vertx in ha mode

[13:28:04] <Horst> are some sorts of classloading issues to be known?

[13:28:39] <Horst> i am deploying two verticles in ha mode (same group)

[13:29:04] <Horst> after killing one it get deployed on the other node, so far so good

[13:30:26] <Horst> but I am getting a ClassCastException at a place where a Object is used which is handled by a default codec

[13:33:54] <Horst> this makes me wonder if I am runing into classloading issues. Same class but loaded by different classloaders

[14:29:34] <cescoffier> Horst : HA requires that the code that is redeployed is “available” on the node where it will be redeployed. Available means in the classpath (or whatever classloading strategy you use)

[14:29:57] <cescoffier> if it's the case, it may be a bug, and in this case it would be amazing if you an produce a reproducer

[15:00:36] <Horst> I think I understand whats happening

[15:01:57] <Horst> both verticles are started with the vertx command using the -cp switch like so “vertx run myVerticle -cluster -conf '{\”name\“:\”mst-ha1\“}' -cp ./libs/my.jar -cluster-host -ha -hagroup g1”

[15:03:06] <Horst> actually I deploy the same verticle twice but with different configurations

[15:03:48] <Horst> killing one off them redeploys it on the other. This is working! :-)

[15:04:53] <Horst> but the -cp switch leads to the creation of a new Classloader in the io.vertx.core.impl.launcher.commands.ClasspathHandler

[15:06:40] <Horst> so that code like this “ private void sendMessage(Message<MyMessage> msg) {…}” leads to a ClassCastException. Same Class but different Classloaders

[15:09:25] <Horst> I can circumvent it right now by omitting the “-cp” switch and placing my jar into the %VERTX_HOME%\lib\ directory

[15:10:09] <Horst> any other ideas?

[15:11:30] <Horst> MyMessage btw is handled by a DefaultCodec

[17:21:02] <kuwv> Do I have to setup JRUBY_HOME to use ruby scripts in vertx?

[21:49:01] <kuwv> Is anyone on right now?'

[22:37:02] <kuwv> Hello