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[00:16:30] <AlexLehm> sfxplayer: i think vertx-web is included in the vertx-full distribution

[00:17:17] <sfxplayer> in a separate jar or in the vertx core jar

[00:17:59] <AlexLehm> in separate jars

[00:19:16] <sfxplayer> ohhh in the full distribution thanks

[09:17:39] <joson> cescoffier: Sorry that I missed your reply on my issue 'eventbus connection holders' at 1st Apr. Thx a lot.

[09:18:48] <cescoffier> joson : no problem :-)

[10:06:14] <joson> cescoffier: Our application hasn't been online yet and actually I'm not sure what the size it would grow up to. Would it limit the size of the cluster?

[10:06:35] <cescoffier> it's would be the Hazelcast limit

[10:09:56] <joson> I found these connections is created and holded by ClusteredEventBus but not by the ClusterManager/Hazelcast.

[10:10:35] <joson> How can hazelcast control it?

[10:15:55] <cescoffier> oh these connection, then it's just the ulimit of the system

[10:16:06] <cescoffier> it can be changed by the administrator

[10:26:09] <joson> oh, then if cluster was bigger over limit, I think it may be necessary to implement a connection pool with algorithm such as LRU, LFU, etc :)

[10:34:49] <alext_> Hi! clement mentions something about a config override through environment variables here:

[10:35:04] <alext_> Does anybody have more details?

[10:41:08] <joson> alext : Is this what you are looking for?

[10:43:17] <alext_> joson: Almost. I would like to be able to pass a config JSON through the “-conf” CLI param, but also have the conf overridable through environment variables

[10:44:40] <alext_> I'm running in Docker and environment variables are more or less the only standard of passing params to the container. I thought that maybe there was a standard way of having the config() overridable through environment variables

[10:46:19] <alext_> I found the relevant code now in RunCommand::run(). It seems as if deployment options are overridable from environment variables, but not verticle config

[10:48:31] <alext_> I could read environment variables directly, but it doesn't feel clean to bypass the normal config()

[10:50:29] <alext_> another approach would be to have my own main which reads environment variables and puts them in a config json structure, but this would bypass the normal launcher

[10:53:18] <joson> RunCommand can load config JSON by “-conf” CLI param, and load System environment variables by “-Dxxx” param, or in a programatical way by System.setProperty().

[10:56:37] <cescoffier> alext_ : you would need your own method to retrieve the configuration - something testing System.getEnv, and the config object

[10:56:50] <cescoffier> alext_ : where did you find this reference ?

[11:07:12] <alext_> cesoffier: In io.vertx.core.impl.launcher.commands.RunCommand:run()

[11:08:12] <alext_> If I do this merge of getEnv and config object, can I do it somewhere outside my Verticle when using the Launcher?

[11:10:55] <alext_> Ohh, found the “beforeDeployingVerticle” callback of Launcher. Should be able to hook in there and manipulate the config object

[13:24:57] <alext_> Made a launcher:

[13:32:49] <alext_> aaand… just realized my approach is useless, since it won't work unless you send in a JSON file :/

[14:34:16] <cescoffier> alext_ : you can append to the config object all the evn variable and system properties if you want

[14:52:17] <alext_> cescoffier: made it work by my current approach of a custom launcher and having a default json file.

[14:52:40] <cescoffier> alext_ : so you are sub-classing Launcher ?

[14:53:16] <alext_> yes, see the gist link above

[14:53:56] <cescoffier> alext_ : very cool !

[15:03:06] <dan-lind> Hi! I'm having issues with a PR and the ip-validation. I'm getting “The following users have invalid Signed-off-by footers…”

[15:03:41] <dan-lind> I'm not sure what's wrong, the ID matches what I've put on my eclipse foundation account

[15:04:29] <dan-lind> Could someone give some pointers as to what could be wrong?

[15:15:25] <alext_> cescoffier: Thanks. I've updated it now to handle defaults from a json file on the classpath.

[22:51:08] <BadApe> hello, the cluster wide AsyncMap<String, JsonObject> map doesn't seem to give me access to a list of the keys