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[01:10:09] <kuwv> Anyone want to answer some vert.x questions?

[05:37:06] <kuwv> I'm having trouble with the all-in-one vertx install and I've been trying to get some assistance. Anyone here can help me?

[05:38:02] <kuwv> When using fog the nokogiri bombs out crying about isorelax

[05:38:31] <kuwv> I have it install in /usr/share/java

[05:38:48] <kuwv> Completely removed 1.7 still complains.

[08:18:25] <cescoffier> kuwv: wait, what is this all in one installation ? There is nothing to install for vert.x.

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[22:29:39] <Vivek> Hi ! Quick query on running vertx with fat jar [22:29:44] <Vivek> java -Dvertx.logger-delegate-factory-class-name=io.vertx.core.logging.SLF4JLogDelegateFactory -jar build/libs/core-service-fat.jar -conf application.json

[22:29:55] <Vivek> 2016-04-08 01:58:33,853 - [ERROR] - [main] - [] - i.v.c.i.launcher.commands.RunCommand - -conf option does not point to a file and is not valid JSON: application.json [22:30:19] <Vivek> How do i refer application.json which is a top level file in fat jar ?

[23:09:49] <pnutbutr> vertx-web static handler seems to do some strange file caching.

[23:10:12] <pnutbutr> if I have an html file, and I do something like: echo “hi” » file.html

[23:10:15] <pnutbutr> it won't pick up that change

[23:10:28] <pnutbutr> but if I vi the file, modify it, then save it, the change is picked up

[23:11:07] <pnutbutr> What property of the file on the file system does vertx-web StaticHandler use to determine if a file is changed?

[23:51:32] <pnutbutr> looks like it was an issue with the classpath resolver

[23:51:43] <pnutbutr> if I disable classpath file resolving it picks up the change.