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[08:26:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [13:32:04] <polyurethan> Hi, we have problems regarding the mysql-postgresql-client. Narigo already opened a PR which solves the problem in the underlying driver ( How can we help to speed up the release of this bugfix? [13:38:12] <pmlopes> @polyurethan there are currently 66 open pull requests across the vert.x project, that the commiters need to review, and there is a plan to release 3.3 series early june. If this issue is extremely critical, then the issue should be raised to the project lead to decide a hotfix release e.g.: 3.2.3 [13:40:58] <pmlopes> alternatively if you're just looking for the driver fixes it could be that declaring the driver version you need in your pom before the async driver would override the “faulty” version and solve your issue for now (i've not tested it, so i cannot guarantee it works) [13:42:34] <polyurethan> pmlopes Ok, I see. I already tried it but APIs are not compatible. We do have these problems in a production environment. So, if you ask me it's somehow critical for us. But if it's too much of a hassle I could try to build it myself. [13:44:08] <pmlopes> if this is really critical i'd say build it yourself and merge the pr on your branch until a official release is out. The release process needs to be handled by Julien i'm affraid. [13:44:42] <pmlopes> another thing if this is a very problematic issue you shoud create an issue for it so the team is aware of it [13:45:47] <polyurethan> pmlopes Ok, should I create an Issue even though there is already a PR which fixes the Issue? [13:49:52] <pmlopes> yes and explain why is it critical, from the PR it only says, upgrade the driver, for me, that don't use it everyday it doesn't should critical (as you can imagine) but for someone with more insight as you, then you can explain us why we should consider a hotfix release or not [13:50:16] <pmlopes> s/should/sound/ [13:59:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[14:13:30] <polyurethan> pmlopes ok, thank!

[14:13:32] <polyurethan> +s

[16:26:13] <TiberiusReilly> Hi vertx! I'm using vertx2 with Rhino, and I'm deploying a module. The module is JS and it has a .jar file in the lib directory.

[16:26:32] <TiberiusReilly> I am trying to instantiate a class inside that jar by referring to it's FCQN

[16:27:18] <TiberiusReilly> When that happens, the following error occurs: [JavaPackage com.mycompany.mypackage.myclass] is not a function, it is object.

[16:27:41] <TiberiusReilly> From reading around, this indicates that rhino hasn't found that class on the classpath

[16:27:53] <TiberiusReilly> so I have to assume that my .jar is not being loaded

[16:28:11] <TiberiusReilly> From the manual for vertx2: “The root of the module and any jar or zip files in the lib directory (if any) comprise the module classpath.”

[16:28:43] <TiberiusReilly> If this is true, why doesn't my module have lib/myJar.jar on the classpath?

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[19:51:31] <ChicagoJohn> vertx newbie here. I have to build out a rest api using vertx. i want my api broken down into verticles. all of them will have routes. at the end of each verticle.start(), do i:

[19:51:32] <ChicagoJohn> vertx.createHttpServer().requestHandler(router::accept).listen(config().getInteger(“http.port”, 8080), next::handle); ???

[19:51:59] <ChicagoJohn> or do i have a single main verticle that creates the httpserver

[22:41:24] <Lecherito> Is it possible to scale horizontally with fatjar?

[22:41:36] <Lecherito> or vertx run <verticle> should be used?

[23:25:44] <AlexLehm> you can set the same options in fatjar as with vertx run i think

[23:26:20] <h31> Hi. Why Vert.x performs so poor here: ?

[23:29:48] <h31> I'm choosing a framework to make a REST service which will use SQL DB extensively. Is Vert.x a good choice for this task?