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[08:28:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [08:59:33] <pmlopes> @h31 we've asked those results to be removed because (only json and plaintext are correct) because they branched the git reppo in a hurry for their round 12 while we were still adding the proper implementation with vertx-web. If you want better results you should run the benchmark yourself with the current git code, you will see that it performs as expected ;) [09:02:54] <pmlopes> @h31 also note that round 12 was a mess, just follow the thread:!topic/framework-benchmarks/I2u3IU38uOM results to not match the logs, etc… etc… [10:33:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[11:01:03] <amr> how good is “as expected”? pmlopes

[11:04:37] <pmlopes> “as expected” means that it out performs non-reactive platforms. If you want real numbers you need to run the framework yourself, i don't have it the full results on my machine and setup and running the bechmark can take several days

[11:04:55] <s0x> hey guys, I've some trouble adjusting the log level of my vertx app. Chaning .LEVEL in effects the file-based logging even though I cannot see any effect on the console. In particular I wanna switch the console log level to debug (FINE)

[11:05:25] <amr> thanks :)

[11:09:04] <s0x> the looks as follows:

[11:18:32] <s0x> does anyone has a working logging properties file which includes the debug output?

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[17:17:38] <ChicagoJohn> can you use mocking in vertx to mock url responses?

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