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[09:46:53] <aesteve> hi everyone

[09:47:43] <aesteve> pmlopes: I've seen the issue re. path params / query params and I was thinking of a design that'd not break current implementation

[09:49:31] <aesteve> I think we could keep things as is (i.e. still doing request.params().addAll(pathParams)), but moreover doing routingContext.contextData().putAll(“$$vertx-routing-params$$”, pathParams);

[09:50:20] <aesteve> thus it'd be backward compatible, and fixing the issue if people need an actual route param (related to vertx-web and not vertx standard)

[09:50:24] <aesteve> wdyt ?

[10:56:17] <aesteve> ok pmlopes I submitted a PR, let me know what you think about it, at least we have a basic implementation to start discussing

[11:52:20] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [11:54:31] <aesteve> hi temporalfox :) how are you ? [11:54:45] <temporalfox> hi better than the past two days that were abysmal for me [11:55:33] <aesteve> you looked fine though ! [11:56:05] <temporalfox> it was horrible [11:56:17] <temporalfox> I was fine on wed [11:56:30] <temporalfox> terrible headaches on thursday and yesterday [11:57:12] <aesteve> aw sounds bad indeed [12:05:32] <aesteve> I submitted a PR but it's for vertx-web, can you point me at the PR re. the futures composition ? so that I can read it [12:13:37] <temporalfox> ah [12:13:43] <temporalfox> hum it's only local code for now [12:13:51] <temporalfox> there is some already in core [12:14:05] <temporalfox> with compose that use a Function and map [12:14:26] <temporalfox> [12:14:34] <temporalfox> and have still a couple of extra commits [12:16:25] <temporalfox> but it does not add that much [12:16:30] <temporalfox> I can point them to you later [12:16:32] <aesteve> thx I'll have a look [12:16:37] <temporalfox> I'm going back to marseille this afternoon [12:18:46] <aesteve> ok [12:19:03] <aesteve> ok this looks good to me [12:20:37] <aesteve> did you add something like that, too [12:20:41] <aesteve> kind of an iterator [12:21:01] <aesteve> (I agree I should have used RxJava for this kind of stuff) [12:22:19] <temporalfox> will ahve a look in th etrain :-) [12:22:23] <temporalfox> going soon to the station [12:22:33] <aesteve> ok, have a nice trip ! [12:22:53] <aesteve> basically I have put everything I kinda needed quite often in AsyncUtils [12:23:20] <aesteve> so if you're looking at real-life use cases this is where I put every one of mines [12:23:32] <aesteve> looking for* [14:23:41] <aesteve> hi pmlopes do you have a few minutes ? so that we can talk about the PR ? [14:23:52] <aesteve> (especially the reroute() behaviour) [14:24:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

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[20:21:38] <AlexLehm> i have a junit question, for the https proxy test I have created a new test class to be able to additional start and stop calls (@Before and @After)

[20:22:07] <AlexLehm> would it be better to do that in the normal https test class and use try/finaly instead or use custom rules

[20:22:40] <AlexLehm> or it would possible to use a BeforeClass / AfterClass method to start the proxy only once