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[11:04:34] <amr> in vertx2, where does the execution of actually waiting for a response from a server happen when using an httpclient?

[11:05:01] <amr> ivd got a verticle that seems blocked when executing a long running httpclient request

[12:16:58] <amr> like the verticle csnt receive any msgs until httpclient is done

[12:35:49] <AlexLehm> amr: if no code is blocking, it will wait in the event loop when you call end() and start the handler if the request is being finished

[17:57:05] <ChicagoJohn> for request reponses, is there a default handler i can use? i honestly dont care about the response but its forcing me to provide a handler

[18:12:30] <ChicagoJohn> is there any way to increase the verbosity of this exception:

[18:12:30] <ChicagoJohn> Apr 28, 2016 9:11:04 AM io.vertx.core.http.impl.HttpClientRequestImpl

[18:12:30] <ChicagoJohn> SEVERE: io.vertx.core.VertxException: Connection was closed

[20:15:05] <aesteve> hi everyone hi temporalfox

[20:15:13] <temporalfox> hi arnaud

[20:15:42] <aesteve> I pushed an openssl branch

[20:15:47] <temporalfox> cool

[20:15:50] <temporalfox> does it work yet ?

[20:16:00] <aesteve> but not sure I did stuff right because it seems slower than alpn

[20:16:08] <ChicagoJohn> ah! people are alive in this room!

[20:16:18] <aesteve> I'm sure I'm missing something obvious

[20:16:19] <temporalfox> yes it can be

[20:16:23] <temporalfox> I think what openssl provides

[20:16:27] <temporalfox> is a better CPU usage

[20:16:49] <aesteve>

[20:17:01] <aesteve> should I be instanciating he server in a different manner ?

[20:20:41] <temporalfox> no

[20:20:55] <temporalfox> I don't think it's necessarily faster

[20:21:06] <temporalfox> actually how do you measure performances ?

[20:21:10] <temporalfox> and what do you mean by faster / slower ?

[20:21:43] <aesteve> that's just something I noticed , I didn't benchmark it

[20:23:38] <temporalfox> I've done some benchmark recently

[20:23:46] <temporalfox> but not yet benched ssl

[20:23:52] <temporalfox> nor HTTP2

[20:24:09] <aesteve> but what I'm more concerned about is that the difference I used to notice with alpn

[20:24:13] <aesteve> seems gone

[20:24:32] <temporalfox> which difference ?

[20:24:44] <aesteve> with the latest (openss) version : 16.5s with 400ms latency and HTTP2

[20:24:53] <aesteve> 17s with 400ms and HTTP1.1

[20:25:02] <aesteve> that's why I thought I was missing something

[20:25:32] <temporalfox> what do you meansure ?

[20:25:43] <temporalfox> benchmarking is hard :-)

[20:26:18] <temporalfox> according to norman maurer slides

[20:26:22] <temporalfox> the interest of open ssl

[20:26:36] <temporalfox> is to provide a better CPU usage under high load

[20:26:44] <aesteve> no but it's kinda crazy though

[20:26:56] <aesteve> alpn + 400ms : 18s

[20:27:02] <aesteve> (http1)

[20:27:15] <aesteve> alpn + 400ms : 2s (HTTP2)

[20:27:36] <temporalfox>

[20:28:19] <aesteve> oh, and last thing : the HTTP2 indicator (chrome extension) is gone with OpenSSL :P

[20:28:30] <aesteve> that's why I definitely think I'm doing something wrong

[20:28:30] <temporalfox> ah

[20:28:32] <temporalfox> ok

[20:28:34] <temporalfox> interesting

[20:28:45] <temporalfox> what you can do is

[20:28:47] <temporalfox> use wireshark

[20:28:58] <temporalfox> what you should do is

[20:29:06] <temporalfox> print the HTTP protocol version

[20:29:06] <temporalfox> in HttpServerRequest

[20:29:08] <temporalfox> to check

[20:29:20] <temporalfox> in the request

[20:29:36] <temporalfox> need to take care of my daughter

[20:29:42] <temporalfox> will be back in 30 mns :-)

[20:36:28] <aesteve> HTTP_1_1

[20:36:40] <aesteve> I must confess it's a relief :P

[20:46:09] <ChicagoJohn> is there some sort of generic NOOP response handler?

[20:46:35] <ChicagoJohn> every time i create an HttpClientRequest, it yells about providing a response handler

[20:59:32] <temporalfox> you can use an empty lambda for that ?

[21:00:20] <aesteve> you have to end the response one one way or another :\

[21:06:16] <aesteve> HttpClient, my bad, I read that one wrong

[21:06:48] <aesteve> yes an empty lambda is indeed the equivalent of a noop response handler

[21:48:59] <aesteve> I'm leaving for today temporalfox , if you have some time don't hesitate to have a look at my code and tell me if something's wrong

[21:49:06] <temporalfox> sure

[21:49:08] <aesteve> have a nice evening everyone :)

[21:49:14] <temporalfox> trying to finish a feature for tonight :-)

[21:49:23] <temporalfox> thanks have a nice evening too