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[00:46:04] <AlexLehm> temporal_: I think for the ProxyChannelProvier it would be necessary to create an unresolved InetSocketAddress, then the hostname resolution is done in the proxy, which is the correct behaviour

[05:37:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [10:13:50] <BadApe> hello, so i am trying to debug, but the error log keeps filling up with has been blocked for 21974 ms, time limit is 2000 [10:14:10] <BadApe> can i stop this? [10:37:28] <sczyh30> Hello, BadApe~The error log is shown because the event loop thread was blocked by some blocking actions, so you could use `executeBlocking` method to execute blocking actions rather than directly execute on the Handler:) [11:29:55] <cescoffier> BadApe : You mean, the stack trace and logging message happens because your are debugging ? (so blocked the event loop with your breakpoint ?) [11:30:09] <BadApe> yep :) [11:30:17] <cescoffier> BadApe : in this case, I definitely understand your pain (I felt the same) until….. [11:30:30] <BadApe> until you found the magic option to set [11:30:33] <cescoffier> BadApe : you can put a very long timeout for the blocker thread [11:30:38] <cescoffier> exactly ! [11:30:48] <BadApe> cool [11:30:56] <BadApe> i didn't think it could be changed [11:31:11] <cescoffier> VertxOptions..setBlockedThreadCheckInterval() [11:31:31] <BadApe> thanks! sounds like what i need [11:31:37] <cescoffier> and .setWarningExceptionTime() [11:32:04] <BadApe> oh i will put options for these in my config.json file [11:33:16] <cescoffier> sorry worng one [11:33:45] <cescoffier> VertxOptions.setMaxEventLoopExecuteTime is the one for you [11:33:54] <cescoffier> the one I gave you are for worker thread [11:34:37] <cescoffier> the config.json does not let you configure the vert.x instance (if you pass it with -conf) [11:38:54] <BadApe> darn [11:39:09] <BadApe> i guess some command line options will do [11:50:15] <Sticky> you can set it from code too [12:46:16] <AlexLehm> BadApe: you can use a sub-key of the config.json to initialize your vertx options, this way you should be able to set the block checker values and take it out later [12:46:30] <AlexLehm> which is probably better than command options [13:08:19] <cescoffier> AlexLehm BadApe : if BadApe uses the Launcher, the configuration is not used to configure Vert.x, only the application. However, all vert.x options can be configured using system properties (-D….) [13:09:27] <cescoffier> There is a specific prefix to use: “vertx.options.name_of_the_property_” [13:34:07] <temporalfox> AlexLehm hi [13:38:48] <AlexLehm> Hello Julien [13:39:55] <temporalfox> we should finish the proxy feature this week [13:40:01] <temporalfox> so it can be merged [13:41:37] <AlexLehm> I can commit my changes tonight, I have to add a unit test for the proxy dns thing [13:41:50] <AlexLehm> i can do the docu stuff as well [13:42:06] <temporalfox> that would be great [13:42:59] <AlexLehm> i am in the office now, so i cannot do anything [13:43:21] <temporalfox> no problem [13:43:26] <temporalfox> we still have time [13:43:41] <temporalfox> however I wanted to make sure we finish that [13:43:45] <temporalfox> soon [13:43:45] <temporalfox> this week [16:30:27] <kuwv> Is there any guide on how to use Future? [16:49:49] <cescoffier> kuwv : to achieve what ? [16:50:06] <cescoffier> there is a section in the vert.x core documentation about future composition [16:50:33] <cescoffier> [17:24:20] <BadApe> are there any plans on having a distributed job scheduler in vertx? [17:24:56] <BadApe> it would be very nice to be able to create a verticle that is i guess a singleton that is always running somewhere in the cluster [18:09:53] <ChicagoJohn> i think you would want to host your own scheduler and expose it with rest endpoints. then just schlep info over to it via http calls [18:21:38] <temporalfox> BadApe you can achieve this easily with HA [18:22:55] <BadApe> i've seen how to set up HA, but don't see how i would handle running a job every hour, [18:23:46] <temporalfox> BadApe deploy a verticle in HA with a timer ? [18:24:08] <BadApe> how can i reliably stop multiple verticles from starting? [18:24:36] <temporalfox> ah [18:24:46] <temporalfox> use the distributed lock [19:31:00] <BadApe> thanks temporalfox [21:56:40] * sets mode: +o temporalfox

[22:40:00] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: I have commit the change for the dns for proxy

[22:40:31] <AlexLehm> this creates an unresolved InetSocketAddress which is not resolved in the client at all