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[04:09:23] <kuwv> Anyone can help me with a completely noobish question with json and buffer?

[09:45:41] <amr> shoot

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[13:50:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [17:29:31] <skullcrasher> does vertx list only list applications that were run with the vertx console command? [17:29:53] <skullcrasher> or where do I have to run the command to see already running applications (started with spring boot) [17:50:00] <temporalfox> skullcrasher yes because it uses a special id format to recognize the process [17:50:15] <temporalfox> the command name or something like that [17:52:20] <skullcrasher> so listing applications run with spring boot are only shown by service discrovery? [17:52:37] <skullcrasher> no possibility to get them directly from console [17:52:42] <temporalfox> what do you mean ? [17:53:03] <skullcrasher> I start my spring boot application from jar [17:53:14] <temporalfox> application should ahve something like [17:53:15] <temporalfox> “” [17:53:17] <temporalfox> in its name [17:53:22] <temporalfox> [17:53:40] <temporalfox> it's something you can set yourself [17:53:44] <temporalfox> or it's random [17:54:18] <skullcrasher> yes. ok. I talk about listing running applications, no matter if started from console with “vertx run WhateverVerticle.jar” [17:54:37] <skullcrasher> or by using spring boot and starting vertx there [17:55:05] <temporalfox> what is your use case ? [17:55:22] <skullcrasher> actually it doesn't really matter, just wanted to know for development [17:55:37] <skullcrasher> so I can start the application in my IDE but listing etc from terminal [17:55:53] <skullcrasher> testing cluster nodes e.g. [17:56:16] <temporalfox> terminal find these apps using the process name [17:56:24] <temporalfox> that should contain a “” [17:57:29] <skullcrasher> Listing vert.x applications… No vert.x application found. [17:57:55] <skullcrasher> although the verticle outputs a string every second on the console (in the ide) [18:00:11] <skullcrasher> but nvm, I will look into that later. not that important ;9 [21:13:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_