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[06:20:57] <hespoz> Hi everybody!

[09:16:48] <skullcrasher> Hi :)

[09:22:20] <temporal_> hi!

[11:55:11] <tsegismont> Hi guys. It seems vertx-hawkular-metrics repo is missing the GH labels used in others projects (eg to review,in progess)

[11:55:34] <tsegismont> Could someone with proper grants add them please?

[12:25:24] <temporal_> I will do that

[12:26:06] <tsegismont> thanks temporal_

[12:26:43] <temporal_> these labels are added by Waffle

[12:30:33] <temporal_> it should be integrated

[12:30:34] <temporal_> on waffle

[12:30:45] <tsegismont> waffle?

[12:30:50] <temporal_>

[12:31:14] <temporal_> a kind of kanban github dashboard

[12:31:35] <tsegismont> oh

[12:31:38] <tsegismont> ok

[14:00:13] <jayamine> Hi, I'm doing a gsoc project TCP eventbus client.

[14:01:21] <jayamine> I would like to know more about blogging of the project

[14:01:52] <jayamine> Is there any specific features that i should consider?

[16:13:57] <tsegismont> I have a question about the #responsePushed callback in HttpServerMetrics

[16:14:08] <tsegismont> Just to make sure I understand correctly

[16:14:23] <tsegismont> When the HTTP2 response object is created

[16:14:45] <tsegismont> a metric object is created (returned by #requestBegin)

[16:14:57] <tsegismont> and then if the user pushes some content

[16:15:15] <tsegismont> we need to reset this metric object, as if the actual request had just started

[16:15:20] <tsegismont> (to reset timers for example)

[16:15:23] <tsegismont> is that correct?

[16:15:27] <tsegismont> temporal_, ^^

[16:15:40] <temporal_> hold on, conf call :-)

[16:16:16] <tsegismont> sure

[16:36:45] <temporal_> back

[16:36:56] <temporal_> responsePushed is like requestBegin

[16:37:26] <tsegismont> temporal_, ok, except you don't want to increment a request counter again

[16:37:41] <temporal_> a push is really a request :-)

[16:37:49] <temporal_> well it depends how you want to treat a push

[16:37:58] <temporal_> you can treat it specially

[16:38:01] <temporal_> or just like a normal request

[16:38:07] <temporal_> except you have sent no bytes for the request

[16:41:44] <tsegismont> got you

[16:41:50] <tsegismont> will update my PR

[16:44:24] <temporal_> http push is a request/response except you don't have an effective request sent

[16:44:36] <temporal_> and you get first the request pushed and then the response

[16:46:21] <tsegismont> i'll count the push in the number of requests counter

[16:54:25] <temporal_> I pushed the metrics name code

[16:54:36] <temporal_> but you don't implement client I think in hawkular

[17:07:43] <skullcrasher> is it normal that deploying a verticle (itself a fat jar) from maven always pull the dependencies?

[17:08:35] <skullcrasher> I'm just curious as they shouldn't be needed as it already is a fat jar

[17:08:55] <skullcrasher> deploying with mavenVerticleFactory

[17:14:10] <temporal_> so you have a fatjar in maven repo that you deploy via mavenVerticleFactory ?

[17:15:45] <skullcrasher> yep

[17:15:48] <skullcrasher> that is the plan

[17:15:51] <skullcrasher> it is also working

[17:16:19] <skullcrasher> the only thing we just came across is that the deployment can take much longer, as all dependencies are also pulled

[17:16:29] <skullcrasher> although shouldn't be necessary

[17:16:38] <skullcrasher> but maybe just some maven mis-config on our side

[17:16:56] <skullcrasher> seems like not only the jar is in the repo, but also some pom file

[17:17:15] <skullcrasher> maybe the verticleFactory gets this info from there.

[17:17:28] <skullcrasher> We try to get only the fat-jar into the maven repo now, for testing

[17:17:44] <skullcrasher> or is there some option to disable automatic pull of dependencies?

[17:29:56] <temporal_> I see what you mean

[17:30:08] <temporal_> if you create your jar with shade plugin you can say to deploy in maven a “reduced” pom.xml

[17:30:23] <temporal_> it will deploy another pom.xml with dependencies removed

[17:31:13] <temporal_>

[17:32:04] <temporal_> skullcrasher

[17:33:24] <skullcrasher> temporal_, this looks like what we need I think.

[17:33:26] <skullcrasher> thanks

[17:33:28] <skullcrasher> temporal_,

[17:37:45] <temporal_> Julien Viet

[17:40:00] <temporal_> skullcrasher glad I could help

[21:22:41] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[22:44:48] <dns|2> hi there! Is it possible to listen notifications from postgresql in my verticle?