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[15:47:59] <skullcrasher> can someone point me to docs on how to properly setup isolation groups and the like?

[15:48:27] <skullcrasher> we have problems deploying verticles in isolation groups

[16:09:01] <TC`> hi

[16:09:32] <skullcrasher> hi

[16:11:43] <TC`> so there is a vertx app, and it listens to eventbus address (i know the address), i should build another client like app or something to get messages from that address? (I am total noob, just inspecting a challenge). But I want to know if I am thinking the right way

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[17:23:14] <skullcrasher> is there any possibilty to get a “clean” classpath for newly deployed verticles

[17:23:37] <skullcrasher> without all the stuff from the “parent/initial” classloader?

[17:25:39] <temporalfox> skullcrasher do you mean the vertx stuff or the verticle stuff ?

[17:25:54] <temporalfox> skullcrasher if that's the verticle you can load using an “isolationGroup”

[17:26:05] <temporalfox> otherwise you need to manage yur self

[17:26:19] <temporalfox> are you in “vertx” cli ? or something like a fatjar or a main ?

[17:26:20] <skullcrasher> temporalfox, we have the case that we start vertx in a spring boot application

[17:26:26] <temporalfox> ok

[17:26:44] <skullcrasher> and our verticles should be isolated, but use the stuff from the spring boot “base” application

[17:27:00] <temporalfox> so it's isolation between verticles

[17:27:23] <skullcrasher> this should be fine yep. we just look through the dploymentManager code

[17:27:24] <temporalfox> one possibility is to deploy using MavenServiceVerticleFactory

[17:27:33] <skullcrasher> temporalfox, we exactly use that

[17:27:34] <temporalfox> you give it a GAV

[17:27:36] <temporalfox> ok

[17:27:52] <skullcrasher> the verticles should be isolated from each other.

[17:27:57] <temporalfox> yes they should

[17:28:02] <skullcrasher> our problem is the “base” instance of spring-boot

[17:28:14] <temporalfox> what is the problem ?

[17:28:15] <skullcrasher> as our verticles start spring boot applications in them

[17:28:40] <skullcrasher> e.g. the base spring-boot application has a jetty dependency

[17:29:03] <temporalfox> in this case you would need a special classloader in between that “blocks” some classses

[17:29:08] <temporalfox> it's a bit tricky

[17:29:22] <temporalfox> I need to go skullcrasher

[17:29:33] <skullcrasher> no problem, we're just debugging

[17:29:40] <temporalfox> maybe we can catch up later on this

[17:29:41] <temporalfox> good luck

[17:29:42] <temporalfox> :-)

[17:29:46] <skullcrasher> I ask more tomorrow, when we have elaborated more ;9

[17:29:55] <skullcrasher> thx

[17:50:57] <BadApe> with the http client i am trying to mimic curl -H 'API-Key:mykey', so i've done HttpClientRequest request = httpClient.get… request.putHeader(“API-Key”, apiKey);

[17:50:57] <BadApe> request.end();

[17:51:43] <BadApe> i don't get back the same response as i do with curl

[18:26:42] <BadApe> ah i needed to use HttpClientOptions to set ssl :)

[18:26:43] <BadApe> doh

[18:48:05] <TC`> how to connect to vertx eventbus (on some String “address”) from linux console/or localhost/ or any easy/fast way?

[20:51:55] <AlexLehm> TC`: i don't think so, you may be able to write a small vertx program to do so though

[21:52:18] <skullcrasher> any ideas on how to “totally isolate” a verticle?