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[02:29:11] <kuwv> Anyone available to answer some noobish questions about start() and instantiation?

[09:26:11] <temporalfox> kuwv I am :-)

[12:41:51] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: I have started implementing a socks proxy code for NetClient, the socks support should be added to the HttpClient as well, which makes we wonder if it would be good to create a ProxyOptions class

[12:42:38] <AlexLehm> currently I have added the same Proxy*** properties to the NetClientOptions, it might be better to have a ProxyOptions object similar to JksOptions

[12:42:56] <AlexLehm> this would have 5 properties host, port, username, password and proxy type

[12:45:03] <AlexLehm> that might make the ChannelProvider unnecessary I think, if we can have a proxy init object that is created based on the Proxy Options and only does the channelInit and the resolver config

[12:45:36] <AlexLehm> which would be used for netclient and httpclient

[14:36:17] <temporalfox> hi AlexLehm

[14:36:24] <temporalfox> I was actuall thinking something like that

[14:36:31] <temporalfox> and have the proxy option

[14:36:40] <temporalfox> have the ChannelFactory on it

[14:37:00] <temporalfox> so someone else could implements its own Proxy thing

[14:38:26] <BadApe> i am trying to write a datetime field into postgresql, in my prepared statement what type should i add to my params, i've tried joda datetime, date, and a string

[17:00:31] <pmlopes> you should use ISOStrings abut that only works from 3.3 onwards

[22:43:05] <BadApe> how can it be possible that an http response would be generated without me calling a .end()

[23:45:01] <AlexLehm> BadApe: some kind of timeout maybe?

[23:45:57] <BadApe> turns out it was a runtime exception, but even so i would have thought the request should hang

[23:46:24] <BadApe> especially as i am calling a method using Handler<AsyncResult<JsonObject┬╗ hndlr