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[03:18:14] <kuwv> How do i use yaml in vertx?

[16:14:33] <Sticky> Maziz: yo

[16:14:53] <Maziz> hey

[16:15:10] <Sticky> take a look at as a proposal for removing duplicate code too

[16:15:19] <Maziz> whois Sticky

[16:15:30] <Sticky> john

[16:16:09] <Maziz> yeah

[16:16:48] <Maziz> thanks for the suggestion

[16:16:54] <Maziz> neat

[16:17:35] <Maziz> still having problems with the build?

[16:17:44] <Sticky> it builds and tests fine

[16:17:54] <Maziz> you could just leave a comment and I can change and repush.

[16:17:57] <Sticky> its just my generated files look totally different to yours

[16:18:17] <Maziz> even after rebuild?

[16:18:20] <Sticky> yeah

[16:18:30] <Maziz> using my branch?

[16:18:33] <Sticky> yeah

[16:18:36] <Maziz> hmm

[16:18:54] <Maziz> any chances the different profile used?

[16:18:58] <Maziz> could affect this?

[16:21:58] <Sticky> maybe

[16:22:26] <Sticky> would doubt it

[16:22:59] <Sticky> how do you run your build?

[16:23:14] <Sticky> I do “mvn clean install”

[16:23:22] <Maziz> me mvn clean

[16:23:26] <Maziz> and mvn test

[16:23:40] <Sticky> try doing an install

[16:26:08] <Maziz> so how did you test?

[16:26:12] <Maziz> the artifact installed?

[16:27:22] <Sticky> well I am relying on the tests run when the install happened to be correct

[16:27:44] <Sticky> I have not manualy tested the installed artifact

[16:32:57] <Maziz> ok you are right Sticky. After clean and rebuild

[16:33:02] <Maziz> I got that one liner

[16:33:55] <Maziz> the deleted line

[16:34:14] <Maziz> is from my push and the single line is what it will regenerate correct?

[16:34:20] <Maziz> this

[16:35:02] <Sticky> yeah so that is just a diff between yours and my repos

[16:35:19] <Sticky> difference bing mine was commited after a rebuild

[16:37:23] <Maziz> yeah

[16:37:59] <Maziz> you are working on the release now?

[16:38:33] <Sticky> no

[16:38:42] <Sticky> just Martijn asked me to look over the PR

[16:38:46] <Maziz> ah ok

[16:39:00] <Maziz> so you merge mine to yours and then merge yours to master?

[16:39:07] <Sticky> #think my only outstanding questions I need to

[16:39:32] <Sticky> oops

[16:40:16] <Sticky> think my only outstanding questions I need to figure out do we HAVE to have the additional methods on the service (probably) and do we want to deprecate the old ones

[16:41:05] <Sticky> and are the method names correct

[16:41:52] <Maziz> i see

[16:42:07] <Sticky> I could merge in my changes, may be easier for you to merge in mine from (assuming you agree with them) so yours becomes a complete PR

[16:42:20] <Maziz> yeah

[16:42:22] <Maziz> that will work

[16:42:28] <Maziz> cause im itching to fix that duplicates

[16:42:34] <Maziz> kinda miss that

[16:42:47] <Maziz> I guess ill wait your review first

[16:42:59] <Maziz> and then after all done will merge and fix any other stuff you[unknown:rsquo]ll find

[16:49:56] <Maziz> one more thing Sticky, about, did you just did the test locally>

[16:50:13] <Maziz> compile your own mongo version and run?

[16:51:27] <Sticky> yeah I built a mongo compiled with ssl support

[16:52:07] <Maziz> hmm Im thinking how to make it a reproducable test so anyone can run it

[16:52:51] <Sticky> I am not sure why mongo dont distribute with ssl enabled by default, maybe some bizzare US export restriction

[16:53:20] <Sticky> or more likely to try to get people to pay for support contracts

[16:54:53] <Maziz> yeah

[16:54:58] <Maziz> maybe

[16:56:41] <Sticky> either way I am not sure if mongo will look kindly on you distributing an ssl enabled mongo, but if they can do anything about it…

[16:58:40] <Maziz> well ill inquire the mongo guys first before doing anything

[16:58:45] <Maziz> just in case

[16:59:48] <Maziz> alright gtg

[16:59:53] <Maziz> bye

[17:02:40] <Sticky> cya

[20:49:05] <kjar> I am trying, and failing, to use Fiddler on windows to view outgoing HTTPS requests from my Vertx application, the JVM proxy properties appear to have no effect…

[20:51:21] <kjar> unfortunately a whole lot of searching and experimentation has yielded nothing that works so far.

[20:53:47] <kjar> this wiki page indicates I may be barking up the wrong tree (i.e. it is implied that the existing HTTP client ignores those JVM properties):

[21:38:08] <AlexLehm> kjar: proxy support is mostly nonexistent in vert.x, we have added https proxy support very recently so that is in 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT only

[21:38:20] <AlexLehm> plus it doesn't evaluate the jvm properties yet

[21:39:17] <AlexLehm> if you configure the proxy in the HttpClient, you could connect to Fiddler though (which uses a proxy address at localhost I assume)

[21:46:52] <kjar> AlexLehm: OK I'll take a look at 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT HTTPS proxy for traffic inspection is my exact need.

[21:47:04] <kjar> surprising feature omission though I have to say

[21:48:17] <AlexLehm> the topic came up on the group occasionally, but was not implemented earlier

[22:05:13] <kjar> OK class not found: io.netty.handler.proxy.HttpProxyHandler - I guess that dependency needs updating as well?

[22:07:31] <AlexLehm> the feature is an optional dependency, that stand somewhere in the docu page

[22:09:02] <AlexLehm> hm, that is not contained in the docu page of the branch, I am pretty sure I wrote something about that

[22:10:50] <AlexLehm> ah found it

[22:12:29] <AlexLehm> currently that is io.netty:netty-handler-proxy:4.1.0.CR7

[22:15:21] <kjar> AlexLehm: excellent - thanks!

[23:13:43] <kjar> for the record that worked as expected for my use case, thanks again.