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[08:25:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_ [14:59:35] <kuwv> Hello, anyone can help me learn Handlers better? [15:01:23] <kuwv> I'm trying to understand how to use AsyncResult. [15:15:59] <cescoffier> Hi kuwv [15:16:33] <cescoffier> to create an Async Result you use Future.successfulResult of Future.failedResult [15:16:52] <cescoffier> I can't remember exactly the method name [15:17:00] <kuwv> Hmmn… [15:17:23] <kuwv> I've been looking at a lot of examples and they are all different. [15:18:27] <kuwv> esultHandler.handle(Future.successfulResult [15:18:42] <kuwv> Similar to this ^^^ [15:19:01] <kuwv> *Sorry for the sloppy copying. [16:01:09] <cescoffier> yes, this is how to invoke a handler with a success result [16:01:59] <kuwv> Ok, I saw an example where a lamba was used to catch the asyncresult. [16:02:47] <kuwv> Is this the best way to work with asyncresult? [16:20:36] <kuwv> cescoffier: I'm trying to run the vertx-microservices-workshop and I'm getting this error: [16:20:55] <cescoffier> yes, the API has changed [16:21:01] <cescoffier> I need to update the workshop [16:21:06] <cescoffier> should be done soonish [16:21:19] <cescoffier> (give me a couple of minutes) [16:32:57] <kuwv> ok [16:40:03] <kuwv> I'm using docker from epel. Should I try the upsteam first? [16:43:23] <kuwv> Ok, same effect. [16:43:35] <cescoffier> kuwv : done [16:43:41] <kuwv> cool [16:43:52] <cescoffier> so, if you update the code of the workshop [16:43:56] <cescoffier> it should work again [16:44:13] <kuwv> ok, I'll do that now. [16:45:30] <kuwv> Success [16:45:37] <kuwv> Thanks [16:55:03] <kuwv> cescoffier: Will python be available in vert.x 3.x.x? What happened with it? [17:17:52] <ChicagoJohn> How do you go about converting things like HttpClientOptions to json? [17:18:27] <ChicagoJohn> i see that you have a HttpClientOptionsConverter, but that doesnt call any of the HttpClientOptions' super methods. [17:19:12] <ChicagoJohn> following that, I can pass in a Jsonobject to create HttpClientOptions but i cant figure out how to convert from object to Json [17:19:40] <ChicagoJohn> or is this like a google-group kind of question/write up? [17:28:32] <kuwv> ChicagoJohn: Vert.x uses Jackson. You can use the Jackson library or just “import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;” and do a “JsonObject jsonObj = new JsonObject(Json.encode(object));” i believe. [17:30:20] <ChicagoJohn> bless you [17:30:29] <kuwv> np [18:06:42] <ChicagoJohn> where do we post issues or comments with the library? google groups correct? is that like the defacto place to post? [18:12:50] <kuwv> The maintainers prefer Google groups. [18:13:02] <ChicagoJohn> also, not all of the vertx code base has sources attached. bummer [18:13:08] <ChicagoJohn> cool. i will post a write up [18:27:09] <AlexLehm> ChicagoJohn: the options objects should have a .toJson() method [18:29:34] <AlexLehm> ok, i take that back, some of the options objects have a toJson method [18:31:17] <ChicagoJohn> ;) [18:36:17] <AlexLehm> temporal_: I have implemented a SOCKS5 server for testing a few days ago, I am probably able to commit the socks code this evening or maybe tomorrow [18:43:41] <AlexLehm> needs some more tests though [18:48:15] <temporal_> AlexLehm ok, I will see if we can integrate it or not [18:48:19] <temporal_> AlexLehm release is approaching [18:48:40] <temporal_> how does it change config ? [18:49:33] <AlexLehm> i have introduced a ProxyOptions class that can be set for HttpClient and NetClient [18:49:48] <temporal_> ok [18:50:04] <temporal_> I'm thinking it should have something like a proxy class or something [18:50:30] <temporal_> does it reuse the ChannelProvider thing ? [18:50:42] <temporal_> one thing could be ProxyOptions defines the ChannelProvider [18:51:15] <temporal_> so one can reuse another ProxyOptions impl with somehting else than SOCKS or CONNECT [18:51:21] <temporal_> I don't know if it makes sense or not [18:51:47] <temporal_> and on TCPSSLOptions we do have something like [18:51:51] <temporal_> for client [18:52:01] <temporal_> setSocks5ProxyOptions [18:52:03] <temporal_> and [18:52:08] <temporal_> setHttpProxyOptions [18:52:15] <temporal_> so it can be used in polyglot [18:52:21] <temporal_> does it make sense to you ? [18:54:47] <AlexLehm> it uses the ChannelProvider, I have changed it a bit to work without using the HttpOptions or NetClient Options [18:55:02] <temporal_> yes sure [18:55:06] <AlexLehm> the ProxyOptions include a ProxyType field, with an Enum [18:55:14] <AlexLehm> this supports SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTP [18:55:19] <AlexLehm> with one option [18:55:22] <temporal_> ok [18:55:36] <AlexLehm> that should work with the other languages, haven't tried that yet [18:55:39] <temporal_> have all these optiosn the same fields ? [18:55:42] <temporal_> yes it should [18:55:52] <temporal_> or do you have unused fields ? [18:56:01] <temporal_> in some [18:56:11] <temporal_> but it looks fine from here [18:56:14] <AlexLehm> yes the options are the same [18:56:19] <AlexLehm> host, port, username, password [18:56:30] <temporal_> one proxy options is one which class ? [18:56:43] <temporal_> ClientOptionsBase ? [18:56:58] <AlexLehm> I have put that into HttpClientOptions and NetClientOptions [18:57:02] <temporal_> why not ClientOptionsBase ? [18:57:16] <AlexLehm> haven't considered that,I have to admit [18:57:22] <AlexLehm> i can change that i think [18:57:51] <temporal_> don't forget to override the self return type in HttpClientOptions / NetClientOptions [18:58:04] <temporal_> btw [18:58:25] <temporal_> do you mind reviewing this PR ? [18:59:40] <AlexLehm> ok sure [19:01:23] <temporal_> thanks [19:01:32] <temporal_> looking forward to see your PR too [20:04:44] <ChicagoJohn> this is unrelated to vertx but related to dev in general. do you write integration tests or do you only stick to unit tests? [20:11:24] <namrood> ChicagoJohn you do both, and yes this is not the right channel for those questions [20:12:35] <ChicagoJohn> thanks. i got some good input on another channel i am in. [21:18:03] <AlexLehm> temporal_: [21:38:05] <tcrawley> pmlopes: have you looked at merging [21:38:59] <tcrawley> I'm building a tcp bridge client in swift, and noticed that headers on a send don't make it across the bridge, and it looks like that pr fixes it [22:44:53] <temporal_> tcrawley-away you probably should an email on vertx-dev for this [23:24:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox