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[00:41:58] <AlexLehm> temporalfox: I think I have kind of a netty issue which I don't understand correctly in netty with the socks proxy

[00:42:29] <AlexLehm> I wrote a test that connects with NetClient and checks that connection did in fact pass through the proxy

[00:42:50] <AlexLehm> that doesn't work when I check it immediately after connect, but it works when I wait 100ms

[00:43:09] <AlexLehm> apparently I have to wait for the connect to finish

[14:32:00] <jayamine> hi i have a question about importing the node.js tcp event bus client.

[14:33:13] <jayamine> when copiling it says “cannot find node-uuid” .

[14:34:02] <jayamine> *compiling