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[08:27:50] <amr> i it just me or does vertx-mail-client need excessive configuring? if i set login required then it wants me to set auth methods too?

[08:45:43] <temporal_> can you show the minimum config you can use ? and tell what could have default value ?

[09:15:26] <temporal_> amr ?

[09:53:46] <amr> sorry,im in and out

[10:45:29] <AlexLehm> amr: basically it can, but you don't have to

[10:45:51] <AlexLehm> usually only tls, login required and the auth data is necessary

[12:17:58] <AlexLehm> cescoffier: for the pr comments did you mean to test if the headers set the contentId property, becaue that is not the case

[13:04:08] <AlexLehm> temporal_: except for the ClassNotFound issue, we are good with the socksproxy I think

[13:04:14] <temporal_> awesome

[13:04:20] <temporal_> I'm trying to make more improvements

[13:04:26] <temporal_> simplifications

[13:04:38] <temporal_> like trying to replace the ChannelProvider by a Netty Handler

[13:04:42] <temporal_> concerning your question

[13:04:48] <temporal_> about initialize / listener

[13:04:54] <temporal_> the difference in the simple case

[13:05:09] <temporal_> initialize is called whenthe handler is registered in the event loop

[13:05:23] <temporal_> so usually we used initialize for setting up extra handlers

[13:05:33] <temporal_> and the connect promise for doing the callback

[13:05:49] <temporal_> but in some case we use initialize when it's already connected

[13:05:51] <temporal_> like in the proxy case

[13:06:02] <temporal_> maybe it could be a problem

[13:06:03] <temporal_> need to check :-)

[13:06:24] <temporal_> thanks for checking

[13:06:47] <temporal_> btw there is somebody that asked a qquestion about vertx mail this morning on IRC

[13:07:02] <temporal_> ah you replied

[13:07:03] <AlexLehm> yes, i answered, but he is probably away now

[13:07:07] <temporal_> ok

[13:07:29] <AlexLehm> thanks to the channel archive, I read the question

[13:08:23] <AlexLehm> i have added optional to a few properties in the adoc since i was changing something for Clement anyway

[13:15:13] <temporal_> like auth ?

[13:15:31] <temporal_> we should have the most minimal config for running

[13:16:58] <AlexLehm> the most minimal config is new MailConfig() without any settings, this can send mails to localhost without authentication

[13:17:39] <AlexLehm> auth is not required if you have a local mailserver listening on localhost:25 (e.g. on a ubuntu linux)

[13:18:16] <AlexLehm> (or redhat)

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[19:38:05] <riperez> One quick question. Where does the setTime handler gets executed? is it always executed in a eventloop thread?